Admirable Businesses: Holstee

January 9, 2013By AllisonAdmirable Businesses

Holstee ManifestoSource

I spend a lot of time being inspired by other designer’s blogs and on Pinterest, so I thought it would be a great idea to share a few of the businesses I admire on this blog. This is the first post in the new Admirable Businesses features category.

I discovered the Holstee Manifesto a little more than a year ago (I asked for it and received it as a gift around the holidays in 2011). I loved how such a positive message could go viral during a time of economic uneasiness. This manifesto spoke to me…it calmed my mind and inspired me. I have the print hanging on the wall as I enter my bedroom, and I have a small screen grab (similar to the one on the left above) printed super small and taped to the bottom of my computer at work, as a constant reminder to not over think things and approach everything with love. I love how the business displays the poster too, with someone holding it in front of them in the midst of a busy city street.

The Holstee company has built its vision upon these positive messages. In the online shop you can find greeting cards that say “Live Your Dream” or “Share Your Passion”. I’m very happy that a company with such a positive influence is getting recognized by many.

Also, be sure to check out their videos. They are really awesome. Maybe someday Hand-Painted Weddings will design a manifesto!