Introducing Hand-Painted Thank You Cards

November 12, 2014By AllisonAnnouncements, Hand-Painted Cards

Hand-Painted Thank You Cards by Hand-Painted WeddingsI’m super excited to announce that Hand-Painted Weddings has now added Thank You cards to the Shop. There are currently 14 designs available. Many of which coordinate with the Shop Invitation designs so you can coordinate your invitations with your thank you cards.

This is THE month for gratitude with Thanksgiving right around the corner. I’ve been finding myself sending out a lot of thank you cards lately, and many of the people I’ve been talking to these days are also sharing this feeling of gratitude. The great thing about these thank you cards is that many of them are not wedding specific, so feel free to purchase a pack to have on hand for any expressions of thanks.

Thank you cards are being sold incrementally in packs of 10. This gives you the flexibility of purchasing in bulk for wedding thank you’s.

Thank You cards by Hand-Painted Weddings.

Personalized Holiday Cards Rock

November 5, 2014By AllisonHand-Painted Cards

Holiday card by Hand-Painted WeddingsPersonalized holiday cards are the best! Store-bought, generic cards really don’t have anything on them.

I have holiday cards on the brain as I brainstorm what I’m going to do for our Christmas card this year. Above is last year’s card (yep, that is my husband and I doing headstands). We decided to do a yoga-themed card because yoga had been such an important part of my year in 2013, especially in light of my leg injury earlier in the year.

If you are looking to have a personalized, hand-painted holiday card, I would LOVE to work with you. Now is the time! Simply contact me here for more information because every request is unique, and email me a photo to work from.

Note: Your painting doesn’t have to be a portrait. It can be a photo of your pet, or a photo of your home, or anything else that represents 2014 to your friends and family around the holiday time.

Personalized Holiday card by Hand-Painted Weddings.

In the Studio: Julia and Dan’s Thank You cards

January 25, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Cards, In the Studio

Thank You Card by Hand-Painted WeddingsTo finish up the week, I’d like to share with you Julia and Dan’s Hand-Painted Thank you cards. Here I brought the deck element from the invitations and added a personal touch by painting an illustration of Julia and Dan playfully lifting up their dress and pants to show off their shoes and socks! The casual style of hand-lettering continues onto the Thank you cards. If you are curious, the back of this folded card is a beautiful green wash with the Thank you text repeated on the bottom right corner.

Once again I’d like to thank the beautiful couple, Julia and Dan, for being awesome and letting me design their custom invitation package. I’d also like to thank Chrissy from Truly You Events for all of her help in creating a beautiful laid-back vibe for this wedding. I can’t wait to work on the reception pieces next!

The Bride and Groom thank you card is now available in the Hand-Painted Weddings Thank You Card shop.

My 2012 Holiday Card

December 17, 2012By AllisonHand-Painted Cards

Holiday card by Hand-Painted Weddings

Holiday Card inside by Hand-Painted WeddingsHoliday card design by Hand-Painted Weddings.

It is that time of year again! Holiday card time! I have been designing my own Christmas cards for a few years now, and the last two that I hand-painted have been my favorites! This year I was inspired by the song, “Walking in a Winter Wonderland” and the glistening of winter forests.

I love snow days (I mean who doesn’t, right?). I love cuddled in a warm blanket on the couch watching the snow fall. I really have a zero tolerance to driving in the snow, so anytime it snows you’ll find me at home. Although I do love walking through the snow in the city. You know, before it gets all dirty and mushy. It is interesting because I am such a city girl, but I am also such a cabin in the mountains girl. I suppose this card was more inspired by my cabin in the mountains side!

Also, it is a little hard to tell from the photos but there is some metallic silver watercolor paint highlighting bits of the trees, and the envelope is a lovely shimmer warm-white. Can’t wait to send these out to my friends and family this week!

Just in! Hand-Painted Wedding Cards

August 20, 2012By AllisonHand-Painted Cards

Card design by Hand-Painted Weddings.

Just in….there is a new section in the Hand-Painted Weddings Shop named Cards & Guestbooks. Here you will find a series of wedding-related cards, such as Bridal Shower cards, ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid’ cards, Congratulations/Wedding Day cards, Thanks You cards, and whatever else I come up with! Stay tuned as I fill up this new category with fun cards!

This will also be the section where you can purchase guestbooks, such as the long-awaited Cobblestone Thumbprint guestbook, which will be available for purchase in the shop later this week!

Please note that all of the cards ship with free shipping! You can now purchase the Bridal Shower Calla Lily card here.