A Small Tribute to a Great Man

January 21, 2013By AllisonMy Wedding

Hand-Painted WeddingsHere’s another personal wedding photo I’d like to share with you. This one is very dear to my heart, especially now that my dear grandfather has passed on. I love this man very much. He was a very light-hearted, smart, tenacious man who I like to think I got a little bit of my entrepreneurial spirit from. He started a travel business in Philadelphia; it was one of the first companies to push vacations in Jamaica. He’d always brighten up when talking about Jamaica, or about his stays in Italy. I’m very lucky to call him my grandpa.

Thank you for your patience these last couple of days as my family works through this transition. Warm regards, Allison

Cutting the Cake

September 21, 2012By AllisonMy Wedding

My wedding cake cutting. Photos by Hoffer Photography.

You want a sure-fire way to get a crowd around for the cutting of the cake? Have your mom make the cake! I think that just about everyone was surrounding us for the cake-cutting. It was unreal, and a bit hilarious!

As you can see in the first photo I was a definitely a little apprehensive to cut into the cake. No one tells you what layer you are supposed to cut, everyone is watching you, and fondant is kind of tough to cut through with a dull knife. You can also tell from this photo that my husband is a goofball and has not problem with people watching him!

The second photo gives me a chuckle because I remember a week or two before the wedding reading a comment on a blog that you should never have your eyes closed during the feeding part of the cake cutting, because it is just too easy to get cake smeared on your face. As you can see, my eyes were wide open!