Happy 2013!

January 1, 2013By AllisonWork in Progress

2013 Year of Love by Hand-Painted Weddings2013 will be the year of love here at Hand-Painted Weddings. I intend on approaching everything in my life with an open heart. On a personal note, 2012 was majorly exhausting as my to-do list was unforgivable. This year, my focus will be on the contribution and the love it contains.

I am going to treat this intention like I treat my intentions during yoga class…I have created the intention and now I’m going to let it go. Give it to a higher force, bigger than me, and see what happens.

Wondering what this painting is above? It is actually a zoomed in painting of a very unique find I purchased at Whole Foods the other day. Check back in tomorrow to see the full painting.

Happy New Year! Happy 2013! May your year be filled with love!

Painting by Hand-Painted Weddings.

Work in Progress: Orange Pattern Studies

December 12, 2012By AllisonWork in Progress

Playing around with bright-colored textures and patterns today in the studio in preparation for the Hand-Painted Orange Invitation! It is funny how even painting with bright oranges feels as refreshing as eating an orange…which, by the way, I’m going to get to do quite shortly! See how the leaves are starting to curl and dry? They are definitely ready for eating!

The Hand-Painted Orange Invitation is now available for ordering at the Invitations Shop.

Blue watercolor collage

December 5, 2012By AllisonWork in Progress

There are so many “Works in Progresses” happening at Hand-Painted Weddings right now! It is very exciting times!

Monday we will be doing a giveaway with Simply Bridal that you’ll want to stay tuned for. I am also working on a beautiful invitation and menu design for a photoshoot being organized by the awesome Krista Leigh Hurst at Krista Leigh Hurst Photography. In fact, the work in progress collage above is from the artwork for this invitation design. I played around with some large salt crystals and masking fluid in this painting! I can’t wait until it dries!

Work in Progress: Flower Calendar

December 3, 2012By AllisonWork in Progress

Just a sneak peak at the flower desktop calendar I’m in the midst of painting. I love painting flowers, so I thought it would be a natural fit to create a calendar full of my flower paintings.

Happy Monday!

Painting by Hand-Painted Weddings.

Hand-Painted Weddings Desk Calendar

November 16, 2012By AllisonWork in Progress

I’m in the midst of designing my first calendar! This calendar will be in the shop (hopefully) by the end of the month! I’m a huge fan of desk calendars and am pretty excited to have my very own calendar on my desk all year.

Also, I have been having a lot of fun practicing my calligraphy skills…not too shabby, right?!

Photo by Hand-Painted Weddings.

Work in Progress: Leaves Study

November 1, 2012By AllisonWork in Progress

Before the storm blew through, Carl and I went for a walk around the neighborhood to gather some beautiful Autumn leaves. They were a lot of fun to paint while cooped up indoors the last few days. I must admit…I’m a little sad that the storm brought down a lot of these beautiful leaves. Fall is such a whirlwind, isn’t it?

To view the Autumn Leaves Wedding invitation, click here.

Work in Progress: Seckel Pear Still Life

September 24, 2012By AllisonWork in Progress

Two weekends ago at the farmer’s market I picked up some beautiful seckel pears with the intention of setting up a still life. This past weekend I started that still life. Here is a sneak peak of the painting. I have masked out the candle and the leaf branch during this stage of the painting. I love doing still lifes! It brings back my days of taking art classes. There is something so relaxing and meditative about drawing and painting a still life.

To view the Seckel Pear Save the Date, click here. Seckel Pear Save the Date now available in the Hand-Painted Weddings Save the Date shop.

Painting by Hand-Painted Weddings.


Textures Study

September 6, 2012By AllisonWork in Progress

Paintings by Hand-Painted Weddings.

I’ve been playing around with the textures in watercolor lately. Mixing techniques of washes with loose brushstrokes, and watching what naturally happens as the paint interacts on the paper. I’ve also been playing around with the beauty of mixing in complementary colors into scenes as accents, as seen above when I add red to the green.

Work in Progress: Commissioned Watercolor Succulent

August 21, 2012By AllisonCommissioned Watercolors, Work in Progress

Here is a sneak peak of a commissioned watercolor I am currently working on. This is a 5″ x 7″ painting that I am working on from a beautiful photo that the client provided. It has been a lot of fun to work on! The colors are fantastic!

Succulents have been on my wish list to paint for awhile. I just might end up doing a succulent wedding invitation in the near future!

If you are interested in my commissioned watercolor services, please keep in mind that the subject matter doesn’t have to be wedding-related; the skies the limit! Contact me here for more information.

Paintings by Hand-Painted Weddings.


Work in Progress: First Autumn Leaf

August 15, 2012By AllisonWork in Progress

While doing a brief hike this past weekend I spotted by first brightly-colored autumn leaf! If you know me at all, you know that I am head-over-heels smitten with Autumn. I am a big-time “leafer“. I love the bright-colored leaves, the smell of burning leaves, pumpkins, butternut squash soup, spicy beers, brisk mornings, and potted mums! Needless to say, I was pretty excited when I spotted this leaf….my first sign that my favorite season is around the corner.

What I love about this leaf is that it looks like the red is slowly creeping over the green in the leaf and taking it over.

To view the finished piece, the Autumn Leaves invitation, click here.

Work in Progress: Lavender with background wash

August 1, 2012By AllisonWork in Progress

Above you will see a sneak peak of my progress on a new painting. Here I have used masking fluid to block off the lavender plant, so I could put a beautiful, warm wash on top of it. I’m excited to see how the bright blues and purples contrast with the warm yellows and oranges of the background.

Expect to see more works in progress around here! I like them a lot. I think it is interesting to see the progression into a finished piece. Watercolor can get a bit messy and I want to show that part of it too!

Lavender wedding invitation now available on the Hand-Painted Weddings invitation shop.

A Beautiful Start

May 25, 2012By AllisonWork in Progress

Today is a monumental day. It is the day I turn 30 and the day I write my first blog post on Hand-Painted Weddings. For the last 4 years I have been brainstorming about this idea. An idea that started two and a half years ago when I married the love of my life. We were engaged for 16 long months. When he first proposed I was scared to death; not because of anything personal about him, but that I’d have to plan a wedding, and I was sure that everything wedding related was going to be an outrageous rip-off. I remember walking through the city after the proposal and meandering into a Barnes and Noble where I ended up in the weddings magazine section. The only magazine I could manage to lay hands on was Real Simple’s Wedding guide. I’m pretty sure it was the “Real Simple” bit that made it possible. I walked to the check-out, hands shaking, to purchase the magazine. I started wedding planning the only way I knew how, on the website, The Knot. The Knot had many interesting features, but it also had a lot of “shoulds.” Thank goodness I somehow came upon a wedding blog, which brought me to another wedding blog, and to another, etc. It was at that point, that my panic started to dwindle. There were other brides out there that were doing unique, creative (and beautiful) things with their weddings. I’ve got to admit, I was on inspiration-overload in no time. My wedding theme concepts and colors changed weekly, but I still loved the inspiration.

I was one of the first of my friends to get married. One of the things that I noticed was that although there are some brides out there doing unique weddings, most brides still have a lot of pressure and expectations thrown at them to have a traditional wedding. Ok, ok, traditional weddings may be perfect for you. There is something nice to having a traditional that withstands the test of time, but I would argue that every wedding should resemble the bride and groom in some way, large or small. Marriage is a really big deal, and a couple’s journey to get to the alter is no doubt unique. My question is, if a wedding is a celebration of a couple’s promise to have and to hold ’til death due us part, why wouldn’t it be about the bride and groom?

So that is the mission I am on…to help brides and grooms see that there is beautiful and personal way to plan your wedding. A wedding that has these unique items sprinkled throughout. Much of the work I do is with paper. In other words, I design wedding invitations, menus, programs, table number cards, etc. This blog is going to feature more than these pieces. It is also going to include my paintings of the tiny details that make life wonderful, but I will get into that on the next post.

For my first blog post, I am featuring a painting I have started, but have not finished. I have picked this painting because it is a beginning, just as this blog and turning 30 is a beginning for me. A beautiful start of a new era.