Roller Derby Thumbprint Guest Print by Hand-Painted WeddingsA couple of weeks back at the Lovesick Expo in Philadelphia, I raffled off the Hand-Painted Weddings Cobblestone Thumbprint Guest Print. The woman who won the raffle excited came to meet me in person and was telling me that she and her partner were really into roller derby….and a lightbulb went off. I thought, “That would be a super cool, unique theme for a wedding!”

The Roller Derby Thumbprint Guestbook is inspired by vintage pinup calendar girls, with the legs up in the air. This guest print definitely has an air of sexiness to it. I feel that as tough of a sport as roller derby is, there also is a bit of sexiness to this sport.

The Roller Derby Thumbprint Guestbook is now available for purchase in the Thumbprint Guestbook Shop.


  • I like it! I heard this woman when she was explaining her theme to you at LoveSick, and wondered what you would come up with! I like that it balances the wedding/femininity with the roller skates.

  • That was me that won the painting and asked about a roller derby theme!!! I love what Allison came up with and it was such a great surprise. I can’t wit for all my derby sisters to see it in my wedding day!!!

    Thank you so much!

    Toastface Killah
    Jersey Shore Roller Girls

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