Philly Proud – Love Park Thumbprint Guest Print

October 21, 2014By AllisonHand-Painted Guest book

Love Park Thumbprint Guest Print by Hand-Painted WeddingsPhiladelphia is of course known as the “City of Brotherly Love,” but the icon that most effectively displays that is located at the center of the city at Love Park. With beautiful City Hall on one side and a beaming fountain that changes color…sometimes green at St. Patty’s Day or pink during Breast Cancer Awareness month…it really is must-see spot.

I am very Philly proud. I adore this city. It is a city of loyal, hard-working people and artists that aren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe in. I’m not really into sports, but I still share these characteristics. I created this Love Park Thumbprint Guestbook for all my fellow Philly proud couples out there. This is the perfect addition to any Philadelphia wedding no matter the theme or season of the wedding. It also coordinates with the Love Park Invitation set and Love Park Thank you cards, table numbers, and favor tags.

Love Park Thumbprint Guestbook available for ordering in the Hand-Painted Weddings Thumbprint Guestbook shop.

Love Park Thumbprint Guest Print by Hand-Painted Weddings

Wed Altered Thumbprint Guest print Raffle Winner

October 14, 2013By AllisonWedding Shows

Wed Altered Hand-Painted Weddings Thumbprint Guest printsCongratulations to Charlotte, who won her very own Thumbprint Guest print. Charlotte attended the wonderful Wed Altered pop-up shop this past weekend, and entered the Hand-Painted Weddings raffle. The raffle was such a success, I think I may do another raffle at the Lovesick Expo this January!

I will be posting my wrap-up on Wed Altered along with some photos in the next day or two, so stay tuned.

Hand-Painted Weddings Thumbprint Guest Prints (from left to right): Cobblestone, Country Cobblestone, Beach, Lighthouse, Roller Derby

In the Studio: Custom Hand-Painted Thumbprint Guest print

September 4, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Guest book

Custom Thumbprint Guest print by Hand-Painted WeddingsI’m excited to share this custom hand-painted thumbprint guestbook I just finished for a couple who is getting married in Long Island at the end of the month. For their Save-the-Date the couple had etched their names and wedding date into two planks in a fence along the beach. They took a photo of the scene and used it for their Save-the-Date. When the bride came across the Hand-Painted Beach Thumbprint Guestbook she got the inspiration to tie this creative element into her guestbook and contacted me to customize this piece especially for her wedding. I love how an idea can translate creatively into different aesthetic aspects of the wedding!

Contact me if you are interested in a Custom Thumbprint Guest print.

Beach Thumbprint Guest Print

July 2, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Guest book

Beach Thumbprint Guest Print by Hand-Painted WeddingsThe Beach thumbprint guestbook features sunny, sandy beach with the red, old-fashioned airplane flying overhead announcing the couple’s wedding names and wedding date!

The thumbprints in this guest print are the footprints that lead down the path towards the turquoise ocean. This would be a beautiful option for your beach-themed wedding!

The Beach Thumbprint Guestbook is now available for ordering in the Hand-Painted Weddings Thumbprint Guestbook shop.

Lighthouse Thumbprint Guest Print

June 20, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Guest book

Lighthouse Thumbprint Guest Print by Hand-Painted WeddingsI listen to a series of guided meditations on my phone from time to time to get centered. Most of them guide me to picture myself in a calm, relaxed location. I usually find peace in the woods. I find myself drawn to the trees and the mountains with leaves crutching under my feet, or sitting on a sweeping porch of a cabin watching the sunrise.

But lately, I have found that when asked to go to my place of peace, I have picked the beach instead of the woods. I hear the clapping of soft waves and the vast sky above with sand in between my toes.

I haven’t made it to the beach yet this season, but I’m ready! Today and tomorrow I am sharing with you TWO beach-themed thumbprint guest prints.

Today’s thumbprint guestbook features this beautiful lighthouse and a row of detailed rocks. If you zoom in you will see a fun old-fashioned plane and an egret (the bird) perched on one of the rocks in the foreground.

The thumbprints that your guests add to this guestbook can act as cobblestones or if you choose a tan or silvery ink pad, they can act as footprints in the sand. Both are beautiful! This would be a great addition to your beach-themed wedding!

The Lighthouse Thumbprint Guestbook is available in the Hand-Painted Weddings Thumbprint Guestbook shop.

Country Cobblestone Thumbprint Guestbook

June 5, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Guest book

Country Cobblestone Thumbprint Guestbook by Hand-Painted WeddingsI’m working on a few more Thumbprint Guestbooks. The first one I will show you is this Country Cobblestone Thumbprint Guestbook. The couple’s names go on the top piece of wood on the sign and the wedding date goes on the bottom.

Just as with the Cobblestone Thumbprint Guestbook, guests “sign” with their fingerprint to fill in the cobblestone path.

I love the warm appeal of this guest print. It is the essence of a summer day at sunset!

Country Cobblestone Thumbprint Guestbook available in the Hand-Painted Weddings Thumbprint Guestbook shop.