Another great way to bring a Spring vegetable theme to a wedding is through the menu design. This menu can be used in conjunction with the Two Peas invitation, or as a stand alone piece. Menus are a simple way to bring your theme to the reception. They are a beautiful element to lay across each guest’s plate. This particular menu design is double-sided. You could face the green side up and have each guest turn over it over to view the menu (like a reveal). Or you can simply put it with the menu side up, keeping the event information on the back. Please note that custom vegetable paintings can be artfully crafted for your menus at request.

An idea to push this theme even further is to work with your caterer to use local produce in your menu. You can mention on your menu that certain ingredients were grown X miles away from your reception site. It is always nice to benefit local businesses, and the food will taste even better if it was picked from the ground a couple of days before being masterfully cooked into your dishes.

Front and Back Menu Design by Hand-Painted Weddings. Two Peas wedding invitation now available in the Hand-Painted Weddings invitation shop.