Painting by Hand-Painted Weddings.

Spring is definitely in the air! Actually, some people in the Philly-area might argue that Summer is in the air these days, but that is besides the point. The point is that farmer’s markets, gardening and spring vegetables are in full swing, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

One of my favorite routines on the weekend is to walk to the farmer’s market, specifically Headhouse Market, every Sunday. This past weekend, I decided to paint a few of my favorite veggies, peas, peppers, asparagus, and chives (which I guess is more like an herb, but grows in the spring garden nonetheless). Also, I have a soft spot for chives because they are so hardy and are always the first plant to pop up every Spring.

There are many couples at my farmer’s market that appear to have the same routine as me, so it got me thinking…this could be a great theme for a wedding. Whether the theme is a farmer’s market wedding, a vegetable garden wedding, or wedding between two enthusiastic vegetarians, this could be a beautiful way to personalize your wedding.
Note: You can purchase the painting of the asparagus and red pepper as a print in the Etsy Shop.
The Roots Invitation and Two Peas Invitation are wonderful wedding invitation options for a farmer’s market wedding.