Table display by Hand-Painted Weddings

Here is a sneak peak of my table at the Lovesick Expo, which is this Sunday in Philadelphia! The theme of this styled table is romantic with painterly details. The beautiful blue tea cup and saucer were my late grandmother’s. The birch column on the right is a candle holder I just purchased from Terrain. There is a dip dyed table runner going across the table, and paint brushes and paint scattered throughout the table.

It appears that I did the Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed (the racks for the backdrop are rented), Something Blue in my tablescape, which seems super appropriate, don’t you think! Funny how things like that happen by “accident”!

I can’t wait to meet new friends, colleagues, and couples on Sunday at the Lovesick Expo! I hope to see you there! I’ll be the one in a striped dress at the Hand-Painted Weddings table!