Autumn is a perfect time to reflect. Nature gets a bit quieter as things die down for the year. The trees shed their life in the most magical way for us to enjoy. The smells change from blooming flowers to cozy smells of burning fireplaces. The air loses a bit of its heaviness and becomes crisp and cool. The days become shorter causing people to move indoors earlier in the evening. All of these changes create a beautiful setting to reflect on your life. If not your life, maybe just your year. This is the brief moment before the craziness of the holidays where you simply must take the opportunity to breath in the magic and reflect.

This painting is inspired by the beautiful reflection of the fall foliage onto Lake Jean during our last camping trip to Ricketts Glen National Sate Park.

Autumn Reflections Invitation is now available in the Hand-Painted Weddings Invitation shop.

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  • Beautiful!!! I love the colors and the lettering (especially the reverse lettering in the water). Awesome!

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