Inspired by Sunsets

June 12, 2012By AllisonInspired by 1 Comment

Every summer growing up I went to Florida with my family to stay with my grandparents in their home in St. Pete Beach. Sometimes we would go for the entire month of August! Now, it is just my grandmother and my mom goes down there numerous times a year, but my trips have gotten more … Read More

Made My Day: Peonies

June 11, 2012By AllisonMade my Day 1 Comment

This bouquet of peonies made my day, so I painted them. Peonies are fairly challenging to paint because of they are relatively monochromatic and have tons of layers to their petals. I clearly have a thing for painting flowers. I believe it has to do with the bright colors, the portability of the subject matter, … Read More

Rock Sculptures: Attire and Accessories

June 8, 2012By AllisonInspired by

One of my many creative hobbies is jewelry-making. I was inspired by rock sculptures to make these two sets of earrings. What I love about them is the beautiful imbalance of the varying stones on top of one another. These would be lovely as bridesmaids gifts or even for the bride herself. I took one … Read More

Rock Sculpture: Reception Ideas

June 7, 2012By AllisonInspired by

There are a lot of little ways to incorporate the rock sculpture idea into your wedding. Many of which are very inexpensive. My favorite idea, which I don’t think has ever been done, is to make a Rock Sculpture layered cake! Wouldn’t that be wonderful!! The other details use stones in creative ways as pictured … Read More

Hand-Painted Invitation: Rock Sculptures

June 6, 2012By AllisonHand-Painted Invitations

The Rock Sculptures invitation features playful yet elegant typography. The color palette is beautifully soft. There is something very spiritual about this invitation. It hints at the delicate nature of life, while also symbolizing the powerful culmination of events that a couple goes through to get to their wedding day. The Rock Sculptures Invitation is … Read More

Made my Day: Homage to my Husband

June 5, 2012By AllisonMade my Day

Painting by Hand-Painted Weddings. This blog post is a little homage to my wonderful husband, Carl, who surprised me with a dozen yellow roses last week at work and who again surprised me last night with second row tickets to the theater production, Beauty and the Beast. Do I have the sweetest husband or what?! … Read More

Inspired by Rock Sculptures

June 4, 2012By AllisonInspired by

The last two Aprils my husband and I have been lucky enough to take vacations in Sedona, Arizona. We both love Sedona! It is so different from our hometown, Philly (even though we love Philly too!). We love the red rocks, hiking trails, fresh air, and calm energy of Sedona. I also love the nature-focused … Read More

Spring Vegetables: Reception Ideas

June 1, 2012By AllisonInspired by

In continuation of our Spring Vegetables themes, I have found some great ideas for reception decorations and catering ideas. I love the idea of a vegetable stand, or alternative to the dessert tables that have gotten trendy the last couple of years. In my research, I saw so many beautiful decoration ideas that use artichokes; … Read More

Spring Vegetables: Two Peas Menu

May 31, 2012By AllisonHand-Painted Menu

Another great way to bring a Spring vegetable theme to a wedding is through the menu design. This menu can be used in conjunction with the Two Peas invitation, or as a stand alone piece. Menus are a simple way to bring your theme to the reception. They are a beautiful element to lay across … Read More

Spring Vegetables: Two Peas Invitation

May 30, 2012By AllisonHand-Painted Invitations

The Two Peas invitation design is a play on the “two peas in a pod” theme, because it actually shows the full pods. In a different way, this symbolizes two peas that are growing to maturation side-by-side, which is essentially what a healthy couple does. The vibrant green envelope is a lovely way to introduce … Read More

Inspired by Spring Vegetables

May 29, 2012By AllisonInspired by

Painting by Hand-Painted Weddings. Spring is definitely in the air! Actually, some people in the Philly-area might argue that Summer is in the air these days, but that is besides the point. The point is that farmer’s markets, gardening and spring vegetables are in full swing, and I couldn’t be happier about it. One of … Read More

A Beautiful Start

May 25, 2012By AllisonWork in Progress

Today is a monumental day. It is the day I turn 30 and the day I write my first blog post on Hand-Painted Weddings. For the last 4 years I have been brainstorming about this idea. An idea that started two and a half years ago when I married the love of my life. We … Read More