Amethyst Quartz Wedding Inspiration

August 12, 2015By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

The Amethyst Quartz wedding inspiration revolves around the color purple. I love an ombre purple wedding with colors ranging from soft, muted purples to deep violets. This color palette looks lovely paired with soft whites, or more vibrant with magentas. I’ve had a lot of custom wedding paper requests lately with the color purple, and … Read More

Unique Wedding Ceremony Idea – The Unity Cocktail

August 7, 2015By AllisonReal Wedding

I’ve said it many times…I love when couples infuse their wedding with their unique personalities! When I was perusing Shannon and Bryan’s wedding photos I noticed a couple of photos of them with a shot and beer glass in their hand during their ceremony. Well, that isn’t something you see every day, so I inquired … Read More

Real Wedding: Literary Wedding in Philadelphia

August 6, 2015By AllisonReal Wedding

Today I’m sharing with you a continuation of yesterday’s post introducing Shannon and Bryan’s gorgeous literature wedding. One of the reasons I know weddings are the right place for me as a painter and designer is because I truly feel a connection with the couple and what they are going through with wedding planning and … Read More

Real Wedding: Literature Themed Wedding in Philadelphia

August 5, 2015By AllisonReal Wedding

I’ve got a treat for you this week! This week I will be sharing Shannon and Bryan’s beautiful book-themed wedding. Shannon and Bryan are a couple I met at the Lovesick Expo this past January, and I’m so glad I did! They both got married in April, and hadn’t found their invitations designer yet, so … Read More

Website Redesign Announcement

July 30, 2015By AllisonAnnouncements

You may have noticed the changes happening around Hand-Painted Weddings these last couple weeks. I am happy to announce that the Hand-Painted Weddings website has been redesigned and there are a few big, exciting changes that I can’t wait to bring to your attention. These changes were all made with the customer in mind, allowing … Read More

Flashback Friday in celebration of Fourth of July

July 3, 2015By AllisonInspired by

Today I’m reminiscing and sharing a few photos of the Fourth of July wedding styled shoot that a group of us Philly wedding vendors collaborated on more than a year ago! This styled wedding took place at the Independence Visitor Center in Philadelphia. The first photo took place with the National Constitution Center in the … Read More

Literature Themed Wedding

July 2, 2015By AllisonInspired by

A literature themed wedding has touches of antique and looks lovely amongst a rustic or historic wedding venue. In general a rustic wedding exudes a casual vibe to it and an antique, historic wedding exudes a more refined vibe, but don’t feel limited to pick just one look. Use your wedding venue as a guide … Read More

Literature Wedding Invitation

June 30, 2015By AllisonHand-Painted Invitations

The Literature Wedding Invitation is perfect for a couple getting married in a library, or for the couple who is in love with reading. I love when couples choose to bring their hobbies and loves into their wedding. A wonderful way to personalize your wedding is through your wedding paper starting with the invitation and … Read More

Marriage equality finally ruled legal in all states!

June 26, 2015By AllisonAnnouncements

I’m so excited to share in the happiness of today’s announcement that the Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage legal in every state! There really is nothing more beautiful than the government taking this stand for love and marriage. In celebration I am posting some beautiful same-sex marriage couple photos along with some same-sex wedding detail … Read More

Rainbow-inspired LGBT Pride wedding

June 25, 2015By AllisonHand-Painted Weddings, Inspired by

Rainbow-inspired LGBT Pride wedding is super fun and joyful! I love that a couple can go all out and incorporate many rainbow ideas into a wedding, or they can pick a bright color (or white) as their dominant color and then add rainbow accents such as a rainbow cake or cascading rainbow flower centerpieces. A … Read More

Autumn Leaves Watercolor Favor tags

June 19, 2015By AllisonHand-Painted Other Wedding Goods

Finishing out the week with some Autumn Leaves Watercolor favor tags I painted and designed for those popular fall weddings out there. These watercolor favor tags would look beautiful tied onto bags of edible treat favors. Those edible treat favors can be autumn themed such as s’mores, caramel popcorn, candy apples, or mini pies. What … Read More

Autumn Invitation with Gold Shimmer Accents

June 17, 2015By AllisonHand-Painted Invitations

This beautiful custom autumn invitation with hand-painted gold shimmer accents is an extension of the couple’s custom autumn save-the-date postcard that I featured on Monday’s blog post. One of the fun parts of my job is figuring out how to expand and grow a design from piece to piece such as I did here from … Read More

Autumn Save-the-Date Postcard with Gold Shimmer

June 15, 2015By AllisonHand-Painted Invitations

Autumn invitations…my favorite! I worked with the bride, Katie, to create her custom Invitation package including their Save-the-Dates. The Autumn Save-the-Date features two trees with intersecting branches which subtly symbolizes the strength of each tree (or person) as they intersect their lives together in marriage. The invitations are an extension of this design and zoom … Read More

Lily Commissioned Watercolor Painting

June 12, 2015By AllisonCommissioned Watercolors

Happy Friday! Today I’m sharing a commissioned watercolor painting of this pretty golden lily plant I created awhile back. I’m pretty surprised I didn’t share this painting earlier…I think it was because this painting was a surprise birthday gift for someone and I didn’t want to spill the beans! I love the overall warmth of … Read More

A More Intimate Glimpse on Instagram

June 10, 2015By AllisonAnnouncements

Are you following me on Instagram? If you want to catch a more intimate glimpse of the behind the scenes at Hand-Painted Weddings, then you should definitely follow me on Instagram. I’m spending a lot of time narrowing down my focus on Instagram to include photos and videos that Hand-Painted Weddings followers would enjoy and … Read More