Meeple board gamers invitation by Hand-Painted WeddingsMeeple board gamers invitation by Hand-Painted Weddings Meeple board gamers invitation by Hand-Painted WeddingsWhen my board gaming friends got engaged I was pretty much jumping up and down eager to design their invitations, because I knew they would have some creative ideas for their wedding paper….and I knew they would be interested in a board game theme!

When I say my friends are into board games, I’m not referring to monopoly or scrabble, but the mostly unknown world of Eurogames or strategy games…those kinds of intense games that can sometimes take 6 hrs to complete…and, most of which do not have English titles. If you are curious about such things, go to to discover the world.

Board gaming is a highly illustrated world, so I knew I was up for a challenge. The norm for board game design is either in the realm of sci-fi or medieval illustrations. The couple expressed the desire to have a ‘subtle’ game theme and had already chosen their wedding color, which was purple.

Meeples are game pieces common in the Eurogame world so I decided to make them the ‘subtle’ centerpiece of the invitation. I liked how the meeples impersonated the couple holding hands and the meaning behind meeples. Meeple also means “my people” which is so fitting for a wedding where all of the couple’s favorite people are brought together to celebrate the union.

Have I mentioned I love when a couple incorporates aspects of their relationship into their wedding!?! Well, this couple continued the ‘subtle’ game theme by having purple meeple pieces scattered on the reception tables, decks of cards as favors, Hand-Painted Wedding meeple escort cards (as shown above), and a cake that had game pieces climbing the edge with a bride and groom meeple cake topper.

Meeple Invitation by Hand-Painted Weddings.