Butterfly Wedding Invitation by Hand-Painted WeddingsIt is so exciting to be building up this year’s collection of Hand-Painted Wedding Shop Invitations! This brand new Butterfly Wedding invitation is inspired by one of the most beautiful creatures in nature, the butterfly.

I was surprised to notice that there aren’t many butterfly wedding invitations on the market right now, so I’m excited to offer this unique option for couples getting married in the spring, summer, or maybe even the early fall season. This design features an elegant calligraphy font along with a modern, classic headline font. This butterfly has a beautiful jewel toned color palette and is on top of a simple yellow and orange flower branch.

I am often inspired by nature for wedding invitations because there is so much untouched and pure beauty in nature. The butterfly in particular is an animal that flutters in such a pure way that attracts even the most distracted attention to it. The Butterfly Wedding Invitation is down-to-earth with a calm, pretty nature to it.

Butterfly Wedding Invitation by Hand-Painted Weddings.