Lily Commissioned Watercolor Painting

June 12, 2015By AllisonCommissioned Watercolors

Happy Friday! Today I’m sharing a commissioned watercolor painting of this pretty golden lily plant I created awhile back. I’m pretty surprised I didn’t share this painting earlier…I think it was because this painting was a surprise birthday gift for someone and I didn’t want to spill the beans! I love the overall warmth of … Read More

Vintage Purple Feather Bride Portrait

May 15, 2015By AllisonCommissioned Watercolors

A special Friday treat for you…a bridal portrait illustration fitting for a purple, vintage wedding. This bridal illustration is inspired by the Vintage Purple Feather Invitation in the Hand-Painted Weddings Shop. This pursed lips bride is all about the accessories, while wearing a simple (and comfortable) drop waist wedding dress. I was definitely inspired by … Read More

Meaningful Hand-Painted Gifts

November 3, 2014By AllisonCommissioned Watercolors

Every year I feel like it gets harder and harder to get meaningful gifts for friends and family around the holidays. Lives get busy, people already have so much “stuff”…it can be such a tricky thing! With that in mind, taking a handmade approach can totally be the answer around the holidays, and now is … Read More

Commissioned Watercolors

June 18, 2012By AllisonCommissioned Watercolors

I love painting, as you have probably noticed. This is why I am offering commissioned watercolors based on your wedding photography. This would be a great idea for an anniversary gift or for close family members as a sweet thank you gift. It would also be fantastic framed and hung as home decor. It would … Read More