Christmas Girl with Presents

December 6, 2012By AllisonIn the Studio

Growing up, my family’s tradition was to tag a tree at a Christmas tree farm on Thanksgiving morning and then go back about a week or two later to get it chopped down. The past few years my husband and my Christmas tree tradition has been a bit less romantic. It involves going to Lowes … Read More

Love is Sweet – A Practice in Hand-Painted Lettering

October 3, 2012By AllisonIn the Studio

One of the clients I am working with right now on their wedding invitations is interested in hand-painted lettering. Now I don’t pride myself as a calligrapher. I believe that calligraphy is an artform and sometimes a profession unto itself, like photography is to interior design. I do, however, have very good hand-writing, have a … Read More

Commissioned Watercolor: Start to Finish

September 11, 2012By AllisonIn the Studio

Yesterday I showed you one way I work from photos, and today I’m showing you the more literal way I sometimes work from photos for commissioned watercolors. In my commissioned watercolors, I start with a pencil sketch. If a client wants me to crop out sections of the photograph or zoom into an portion, that … Read More

In the Studio: Custom Peacock Invitation

August 22, 2012By AllisonIn the Studio 1 Comment

I recently worked with a couple who was interested in a custom peacock invitation design. The couple came to me with a decided theme, but I am happy to work through a few ideas or ask a series of questions to help create a great concept for your invitations! This custom theme was a lot … Read More