Introducing Hand-Painted Yoga – Art inspired by yoga

November 16, 2015By AllisonIn the Studio

Blogging has been a little quiet for the last two weeks, and there is a very good reason for it. Behind the scenes I have been working on a very new, exciting project focused around one of my passions, yoga. I launched this new venture, Hand-Painted Yoga, at the beginning of November in front of holiday … Read More

Behind the Scenes at Hand-Painted Weddings

February 17, 2015By AllisonIn the Studio

One of the most amazing things about having a partner is when you see glimpses of how he/she sees you. On Valentine’s Day my husband Carl graciously took some Hand-Painted Weddings behind the scenes photos for me. He is one of the few people who can capture my true essence on camera. It is remarkable … Read More

Happy Holidays from Hand-Painted Weddings!

December 25, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio

This year for our Christmas card for our close friends and family, I did a portraiture of my husband and I doing one of the most fun activities…yoga. This year has been an interesting one for me in terms of my health (broken leg, 13.5 weeks in crutches, then hardware removal surgery), but I still … Read More

Breathe – Wed Altered Painting

November 14, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio

The air is crisp and cold; the leaves are floating off branches; winter is approaching. Fall always feels like the most fleeting season up here in Philadelphia. Maybe it is because all of the transformation in nature, which inspires transformation in people’s lives. It is easy to get wrapped up in life. I have found … Read More

In the Studio: Sunflowers

August 21, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio

As you may have noticed from Monday’s post, I have a beautiful vase of sunflowers on my desk. It is hard to come by a more cheerful flower than the sunflower! So immediately after I was done painting the hot air balloon landscape, I found myself instantly drawn to painting my sunflower still life…. couldn’t … Read More

In the Studio: Whimsical Hot Air Balloons

August 19, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio

Can you believe it is almost fall (I can’t!)? It has been such a lovely summer so far…I’m not quite ready for it to end yet! To keep the lovely summer vibe going, I thought I would paint this whimsical watercolor of hot air balloons flying above the plains. There is something so magical to … Read More

In the Studio: Hand-Painted Baby Shower Invitation

June 28, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio

One thing I treasure the most about being an artist is being able to provide a custom invitation for a loved one. This particular invitation is for my sister-in-law’s baby shower. It is a surprise shower (shh, don’t tell) so I am working with my mother-in-law on the invitation. The invitation is based on the … Read More

You Are Loved Print

April 29, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio

Did you catch my sneak peak watercolor heart painting from Instagram yesterday? If not, simply follow me on Facebook or Instagram to stay abreast of all the goings on around Hand-Painted Weddings. Today I’m excited to share this lovely artwork I designed featuring a modern watercolor heart combined with hand-painted calligraphy type. I am selling … Read More

In the Studio: Cinderella Invitation

April 24, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio

Lately I have been on a “Once Upon A Time” kick. You know…the ABC tv series about all the fairytales that succumb a curse and are sent to the real world. I am loving this show; watching a few episodes daily! In the spirit of this show is this invitation I designed a few months … Read More

Practicing the Art of Calligraphy

April 19, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio

I have been loving practicing with my new calligraphy tools. Currently I have been using the Brause Steno nib (shown), which is also called “Blue Pumpkin” because it has a blue hue to it. (How cute is that?) And I have tried practicing with the Brause Extra Fine 66 nib. This is a very small, … Read More

And just like that…life gets quiet.

March 7, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio 2 Comments

This past Saturday I went to a new ice skating rink with my husband for a fun, little excursion. I’m pretty steady on my skates (no pro, mind you, but pretty steady). I remember having a conversation with Carl about not wanting to fall; to which he is like…if you fall just let yourself fall, … Read More

In the Studio: Snow Peaked Mountains

February 11, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio 2 Comments

Much of the Northeast experienced a blizzard this past weekend….but not Philadelphia. We got a mere flurry. It wasn’t so bad because I was able to attend two 2 hour yoga workshops and my first ever curling class (it was a blast!) To make up for the lack of snow in Philadelphia this past weekend, … Read More

Commissioned Watercolor Baby Gifts-Part 2

January 29, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio

Today’s baby gift painting is of an adorable white teddy bear. I bought this bear for my dear friend’s son, Sammy. When I was little, I adored my teddy bear, Bobby. These stuffed animals go everywhere with kids! They are like the kid’s best friend. It seemed fitting to characterize these stuffed animals (or dolls) … Read More

Commissioned Watercolors for Baby Gifts

January 28, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio 2 Comments

I’m at this place in my life where it seems every woman I know is announcing that she is pregnant. So that means baby showers galore in 2013! In order to add a hand-painted, unique, personal touch to the wave of baby gifts I will be buying this year, I painted two illustrations of popular … Read More

In the Studio: Julia and Dan’s Save-the-Date

January 24, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio

Oftentimes I like to start with designing my custom invitation orders first and then working out to the other stationery pieces, such as the Save-the-Dates. That way elements can be pulled from the invitation and all the pieces coordinate. In Julia and Dan’s Save-the-Date, I pulled the mason jar candles element from the invitation to … Read More

In the Studio: Julia and Dan’s Invitations

January 23, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio

I am delighted to present to you Julia and Dan’s Wedding custom invitation package! This project was a lot of fun to work on! Julia and Dan are having a backyard wedding this coming summer. The bride and groom wanted a very laid back feel to their invitation (and their wedding). This invitation features a … Read More

In the Studio: Painting my Bouquet from Lovesick Expo

January 15, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio

The bouquet I put together for the Lovesick Expo on Sunday turned out so pretty! The colors worked beautifully with the Hand-Painted Weddings logo and the textures were stunning. In the studio today I am painting pieces of this lovely bouquet. The flower I am painting in this photo is very unique; it almost looks … Read More