Vintage Purple Feather Bride Portrait

May 15, 2015By AllisonCommissioned Watercolors

A special Friday treat for you…a bridal portrait illustration fitting for a purple, vintage wedding. This bridal illustration is inspired by the Vintage Purple Feather Invitation in the Hand-Painted Weddings Shop. This pursed lips bride is all about the accessories, while wearing a simple (and comfortable) drop waist wedding dress. I was definitely inspired by … Read More

Personalized Holiday Cards Rock

November 5, 2014By AllisonHand-Painted Cards

Personalized holiday cards are the best! Store-bought, generic cards really don’t have anything on them. I have holiday cards on the brain as I brainstorm what I’m going to do for our Christmas card this year. Above is last year’s card (yep, that is my husband and I doing headstands). We decided to do a … Read More

Meaningful Hand-Painted Gifts

November 3, 2014By AllisonCommissioned Watercolors

Every year I feel like it gets harder and harder to get meaningful gifts for friends and family around the holidays. Lives get busy, people already have so much “stuff”…it can be such a tricky thing! With that in mind, taking a handmade approach can totally be the answer around the holidays, and now is … Read More

Happy Holidays from Hand-Painted Weddings!

December 25, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio

This year for our Christmas card for our close friends and family, I did a portraiture of my husband and I doing one of the most fun activities…yoga. This year has been an interesting one for me in terms of my health (broken leg, 13.5 weeks in crutches, then hardware removal surgery), but I still … Read More

In the Studio: Sunflowers

August 21, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio

As you may have noticed from Monday’s post, I have a beautiful vase of sunflowers on my desk. It is hard to come by a more cheerful flower than the sunflower! So immediately after I was done painting the hot air balloon landscape, I found myself instantly drawn to painting my sunflower still life…. couldn’t … Read More

In the Studio: Whimsical Hot Air Balloons

August 19, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio

Can you believe it is almost fall (I can’t!)? It has been such a lovely summer so far…I’m not quite ready for it to end yet! To keep the lovely summer vibe going, I thought I would paint this whimsical watercolor of hot air balloons flying above the plains. There is something so magical to … Read More


March 28, 2013By AllisonMade my Day 1 Comment

A dear friend of mine is moving to New York City. She’ll be living in Manhattan, starting a new job, and be experiencing many new adventures for sure….she is a very lucky girl. I’m also a very lucky girl to call her my friend! She has been there for me through the thick and thin … Read More

In the Studio: Painting my Bouquet from Lovesick Expo

January 15, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio

The bouquet I put together for the Lovesick Expo on Sunday turned out so pretty! The colors worked beautifully with the Hand-Painted Weddings logo and the textures were stunning. In the studio today I am painting pieces of this lovely bouquet. The flower I am painting in this photo is very unique; it almost looks … Read More

Commissioned Watercolor: Start to Finish

September 11, 2012By AllisonIn the Studio

Yesterday I showed you one way I work from photos, and today I’m showing you the more literal way I sometimes work from photos for commissioned watercolors. In my commissioned watercolors, I start with a pencil sketch. If a client wants me to crop out sections of the photograph or zoom into an portion, that … Read More