Damask Ombre Vintage Bride by Hand-Painted WeddingsI painted this bridal portrait of a vintage bride to coordinate with the Damask wedding invitation.

Her short, puffy dress with modest sleeves is inspired by the dresses of the 1950s, when damask was all the rage. I also made sure she was stylish with the times by wearing a vintage Juliet veil that ended around the waist along with her dainty white gloves.

This bride’s fiery red hair and pouted lips leave you wondering what this bride is thinking as she glances over her shoulder for the bridal portrait. This bride feels very Mad Men inspired with how fashionable and yet modest she is on her wedding day.

I love painting these bridal portraits, and would love to do more of them, so if this keepsake strikes your fancy, contact me for more information. Please note that I would work from a photograph.

Damask Ombre Vintage Bride bridal illustration portrait painted by Hand-Painted Weddings.