Lily Commissioned Watercolor Painting

June 12, 2015By AllisonCommissioned Watercolors

Happy Friday! Today I’m sharing a commissioned watercolor painting of this pretty golden lily plant I created awhile back. I’m pretty surprised I didn’t share this painting earlier…I think it was because this painting was a surprise birthday gift for someone and I didn’t want to spill the beans! I love the overall warmth of … Read More

Breathe – Wed Altered Painting

November 14, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio

The air is crisp and cold; the leaves are floating off branches; winter is approaching. Fall always feels like the most fleeting season up here in Philadelphia. Maybe it is because all of the transformation in nature, which inspires transformation in people’s lives. It is easy to get wrapped up in life. I have found … Read More

Inspired by Watercolor Patterns

May 20, 2013By AllisonInspired by

There are so many inspiring watercolor artists out there. I think this is why my Watercolor board on Pinterest has a whopping 524 pins and counting. Today I want to feature a few watercolor pattern artists I admire. Pattern designers create artwork that makes its way into textile designs. Fashion is art, but when you … Read More

Practicing the Art of Calligraphy

April 19, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio

I have been loving practicing with my new calligraphy tools. Currently I have been using the Brause Steno nib (shown), which is also called “Blue Pumpkin” because it has a blue hue to it. (How cute is that?) And I have tried practicing with the Brause Extra Fine 66 nib. This is a very small, … Read More


March 28, 2013By AllisonMade my Day 1 Comment

A dear friend of mine is moving to New York City. She’ll be living in Manhattan, starting a new job, and be experiencing many new adventures for sure….she is a very lucky girl. I’m also a very lucky girl to call her my friend! She has been there for me through the thick and thin … Read More