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This past Saturday I went to a new ice skating rink with my husband for a fun, little excursion. I’m pretty steady on my skates (no pro, mind you, but pretty steady). I remember having a conversation with Carl about not wanting to fall; to which he is like…if you fall just let yourself fall, and he continues to fall on the ice right in front of me to prove his point. That is my husband…spontaneous and fearless. Me? I had never fallen on the ice before.

Well, that was until this past Saturday. A five-year old girl and an older man were crossing paths perpendicular to the flow of skaters (one going to the center of the rink, the other leaving), neither seeing me. I try to flow between them, but loss my balance. I fall. My right foot released to the ice, my left foot stays still until “snap”. I do as all people who just take a plunge do, I try to remain calm and do a physical inventory. It wasn’t until my husband dropped on the ground and picked up my left foot in his hands that I noticed it…my left foot was completely floppy. I was a little freaked out to say the least! Thank goodness my husband saw the whole thing happen and he very assertively insisted for help, to call 911. I was so calm that I think people misunderstood how hurt I actually was. All I knew was that someone had to hold my foot upright and still because I couldn’t.

So, long story short, I broke my tibia and fibula bones right above my ankle and had surgery to put plates and pins in place. Now, my most prevalent position is lying on my back with my foot elevated. I get from spot to spot by crutches and I’m not leaving the house for who knows how long.

What I find unbelievable is that as crazy busy my life seemed to be Saturday morning before the fall, now it is completely quiet. Was it all an allusion? Were my priorities all wrong? Well, I believe that this is the opportunity of my current condition…to ask these questions.

While my bones grow back together, will I be in the same place I left them in before the fall?

Right before ice skating, we took a trip to my favorite store, Terrain at Styers. These are a few of my photos above.

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  • A good attitude! Sometimes we all need a “reset” and you got yours in the form of mandatory home time and reassessment of priorities! Let me know if you need anything!

  • You seem to like to be involved and busy with activities. My bet is that you will probably go right back to the crazies as soon as you are able. Love you no matter what…mom

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