Why I work in weddings - Hand-Painted Weddings

It is the end of the year, and around this time I get really reflective about my life and my business(es). In the wedding world it is easy to get swept up in the beauty of it all, and there are groups of people in the world that actually hate on weddings (and styled shoots for that matter). They argue that it isn’t authentic or real. I’m very intuitive to these concerns and took a moment to reflect on why I’m attracted to the wedding industry, and why I think weddings are authentic and valuable. This is why I’m in the wedding industry…

I believe that weddings are a public display of a couple’s promise to love one another through the ups and downs of life. This is a big deal, and it is why a couple’s wedding is one of the most monumental days of their lives. It is also a joining of one’s closest friends and family members to support the partnership.

Every wedding is different because every couple is different. The things that attract them to each other and the way each person sees the world and has chosen to align with another person in a supportive relationship is unique. This is where my creative juices get flowing, because an artist can help bring these unique aspects of a wedding into a visual story.

Because every couple is different, they have the freedom to display their marriage promises in any way that suits them. They can do this with a handful of close family members and friends in their backyard or along a pier on a beautiful lake. Or they can choose to make it an elaborate affair and invite hundreds of people to celebrate with a multi-course meal in a grand space. There really are numerous options, but the important part is that this couple is choosing to make these promises public, and that friends and family are there to celebrate this courageous moment.

We live in a world with a lot of hate and fear, and I believe it is important to cherish ceremonies and public expressions of love, no matter what form they take place in. This is why I’m attracted to weddings, and why I feel I have something to contribute to them. I will not judge your ideas around your wedding—they are what makes you human and unique. I will encourage you to build your wedding with authenticity and love.