The Hand-Painted Autumn Reflections Invitation is perfect for a (Drumroll, please)…an Autumn wedding. Particularly one that is near or on a lake. Didn’t see that one coming, did you?

This invitation is very different than the Autumn Leaves Invitation but would be nice in conjunction with an Autumn Leaves Save-the-Date. Which brings up a good point…Did you know that I can take existing designs and paintings from the Shop Invitations tab and create your own custom invitations, designs, menus, programs, etc. to coordinate with or stand-alone items for your wedding? Yep, that’s right! Contact me for more details.

Today, in Philadelphia, we are bracing for another storm…one with snow! I can’t believe it. I hope everyone in the Northeast stays safe today.

The Autumn Reflections Invitation is now available under the Shop Invitations tab.