I have been enamored by the floating candles in the Hogwarts Great Hall ever since I watched the first Harry Potter movie. How cool would it be if a lighting company came out with a line of floating candles that all hang down from some sort of mesh web?! It would be beautiful for events, halloween, and even around holiday time. I can totally see how these floating candles can add a bit of the Harry Potter theme to your wedding in a versatile way. The rest of the theme can swing towards the gothic style of Hogwarts with warm, rich browns and a lot of textures, or the theme can swing towards a classy, unique style with subtle inferences to the Harry Potter theme.

Along with lighting, I think that ceilings can be one of the most dramatic design elements of an event, both for the overall impression for the guests and the photos. I also think that they are one of the most overlooked unfortunately. Whether it is to create some elaborate floating candle mesh screen, or another idea, I would highly recommend considering ceiling decor or lighting when you are designing your wedding!

I also threw in a painting I did of the Sorting Hat, because who doesn’t like a painting of the Sorting Hat!

Harry Potter invitation now available in the Hand-Painted Weddings Invitation Shop.


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