Every summer growing up I went to Florida with my family to stay with my grandparents in their home in St. Pete Beach. Sometimes we would go for the entire month of August! Now, it is just my grandmother and my mom goes down there numerous times a year, but my trips have gotten more sporadic.

One of the traditions we kept intact on our trips to Florida was making sure we made it to the beach for the sunset. My very stoic father would always rush us through dinner clean-up to view the sunset. It was a nice tradition.

There is something very magical to watching a sunset. For one, no two sunsets are the same so you never know what magic will appear. The other is that often the more interesting clouds, the more colorful sunset. It is the same way with relationships. No two relationships are the same, and often the more interesting journeys make the more colorful couples.

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  • These are gorgeous paintings sweetie! I love how you brought the skies to life. It’s amazing how the suns are *burning* in the top two watercolors.

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