Envelopes available at Hand-Painted WeddingsLets talk a second about envelopes. I believe that envelopes are the biggest small thing you can do to add punch to your wedding invitations. You make a first impression with an envelope.

A fun, colored envelope provokes excitement in the receiver, because that person knows he/she has just received a special piece of mail. A colorful envelope separates itself from the standard birthday cards and “other mail” which usually come in white envelopes.

At Hand-Painted Weddings, we offer the best quality envelopes as an upgrade option. They are sturdy, opaque, and have beautiful European flaps (pointed). This allows for the option of having the return address centered on the flap instead of being on the front in the top left corner.

The color options in this envelope collection (as you can see) are plentiful, so have fun! Why not pick a different color envelope for your response envelope than your outer envelope to add to the wow factor!

Photo by Hand-Painted Weddings.