Cartagena Wedding Invitation by Hand-Painted Weddings Cartagena Wedding posted on Hand-Painted Weddings. Photo credit: Pedraza ProduccionesThis week you are in for a real treat! I am so excited to share this real destination wedding all the way from Cartagena, Columbia. I had noticed a popularity in Cartagena weddings since this wedding, and have recently learned from someone who is getting married there next February, that it started becoming popular in 2002 when Juan Pablo Montoya, the Formula 1 car driver, who then became a NASCAR driver, had his lavish wedding there. After that, one of Colombia’s ex-president’s sons got married in Cartagena, as well as, the son of the richest man in Colombia. With all that press, of course Cartagena became a popular destination wedding site.

I worked with the couple on their custom wedding invitations based on a photograph of this iconic street in the center of town. Recently, when I received this photo of the couple on their wedding day walking in that same street, I literally beamed with excitement! It is so exciting to see the artwork alive in their wedding photo!

I am a pretty sentimental person, so when the invitations are complete, I often find myself wondering how the wedding came together and how wonderful their big day went. That is why I love posting couple’s wedding photographs! It is just so exciting to see how couple’s Hand-Painted Wedding invitations relate to the big picture of the entire wedding.

Tomorrow I will be sharing more photos from this gorgeous wedding in Cartagena, as well as some words from the beautiful bride, so be sure to keep your eye for it!

Sources: Cartagena Invitation by Hand-Painted Weddings. Photo by Pedraza Producciones.