One of my many creative hobbies is jewelry-making. I was inspired by rock sculptures to make these two sets of earrings. What I love about them is the beautiful imbalance of the varying stones on top of one another. These would be lovely as bridesmaids gifts or even for the bride herself.

I took one of the sets of earrings and painted them. There is something so lovely about having a piece of art made from a special item in your life, such as jewelry. This small painting would look wonderful in a small decorative frame. If you are interested in a custom-made painting of your jewelry, feel free to email me.

In the photos I have gathered below, I have been inspired by the layered, soft textures of the Rock Sculptures theme, which coordinate beautifully with these dresses from Anthropologie and the gorgeous wedding gown from BHLDN. The three short dresses are a few unique ideas for bridesmaid dresses. Ever since I caught eye of this grey pleated BHLDN dress, I have been smitten! The texture in it is amazing and the gray color would certainly grab attention!

I hope you have enjoyed Inspired by Rock Sculptures week! Take a moment this weekend to embrace the fragile and wonderful balances in your life!


Sources:Dresses (top left to right) Anthropologie 1, 2, 3, BHLDN

Source: Earrings and Painting of EarringsĀ Hand-Painted Weddings