There are a lot of little ways to incorporate the rock sculpture idea into your wedding. Many of which are very inexpensive. My favorite idea, which I don’t think has ever been done, is to make a Rock Sculpture layered cake! Wouldn’t that be wonderful!! The other details use stones in creative ways as pictured above. Idea descriptions below from top left to bottom right.

  • Stones with handwriting on them to act as escort cards.
  • If you are having a small, intimate wedding, you can get sheets of rocks (that are usually used as tiles) from Home Depot or Lowes and use them as placemats.
  • Guest book messages on stones. I love this idea! Just make sure that the glass canister is thick!
  • Putting stones on the bottom of candle holders is very easy way to incorporate stones into a centerpiece.
  • Getting an artist friend to draw artwork on stones with a Sharpie marker that guests can choose from as favors. These can act as paper weights or table decorations in guest’s homes.
  • I love the idea of shaping little stones into hearts if there are any open tables that need a little decor.
  • Lovely Rock Sculpture inspired color palette I created.

The Rock Sculpture theme works beautifully in a beach or desert-themed wedding. I also think it would be lovely in a garden wedding.

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