The Hand-Painted Winter Berry wedding is elegant in its rich red accents and rustic in its wooden textures. Red berries are a beautiful accent to any winter wedding detail. You can use them mixed in with a bouquet of flowers, or you can simply place the berry twigs in mason jars.

Dried berry branches are somewhat fragile, so I am also a fan of the artificial berry garlands (which you can get in any craft store this time of year). You can wind the berry garlands (which will likely be on a flexible wire) amongst candles in a table display, curl it around the base of your cake stand (I did this for my wedding!), or make into an adorable hair piece for a little flower girl.

Bridesmaids will look striking in red dresses, and the bride will look stunning with a red shawl or cardigan around her shoulders for a winter berry wedding. Red flower hair pieces are also a gorgeous way to bring this elegant red accent to the bride’s attire.

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