Puerto Rico Beach Wedding Inspiration

October 16, 2015By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

Puerto Rico is an amazing option for getting married. For one, if you are a U.S. citizen, you don’t have to worry about asking your guests to get passports for your destination wedding. That is a big plus! If you reside in Puerto Rico, you only have a ferry ride away to get to the … Read More

Amethyst Quartz Wedding Inspiration

August 12, 2015By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

The Amethyst Quartz wedding inspiration revolves around the color purple. I love an ombre purple wedding with colors ranging from soft, muted purples to deep violets. This color palette looks lovely paired with soft whites, or more vibrant with magentas. I’ve had a lot of custom wedding paper requests lately with the color purple, and … Read More

Part 2: Julia and Dan’s Wedding

August 2, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

Part 2 of Julia and Dan’s beautiful wedding. It was so much fun “hand-painting” this wedding! One of my favorite parts of doing wedding reception paper is the challenge of designing a theme which transforms and grows as it flows from the invitation to the menu to the escort cards to the signs, etc. For … Read More

A Few Glimpses of Julia and Dan’s Wedding

August 1, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

As a stationer I often feel very connected with a couple during the planning and preparation phases of their special day, but often miss seeing how all the elements come together in the final masterpiece, also known as the wedding day! It is for this reason, I love being connected to the photographer of the … Read More

Hand-Painted Water Ripples Wedding

June 13, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

The Hand-Painted Water Ripples Wedding is dramatic in its use of blue ombre (the varying of color from light to dark). This blue ombre theme is strong enough to stand on its own, but if a couple is getting married on the beach or on a boat, a subtle nautical theme can be easily added … Read More

Hand-Painted Flower Vine Wedding

May 31, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

Yellow…the sunniest of colors! I’m always drawn to yellow flowers because they are just so cheerful! The Flower Vine wedding is a mix of sunny yellows and cheerful flowers with a hint of vintage charm. This year is the perfect year to have a Flower Vine wedding because decorative flower patterns are so in trend … Read More

Hand-Painted Roots Wedding

May 24, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

This curated garden wedding features plants and flowers in their natural form. Using potted plants is a wonderful way to have a “green” wedding because the plants last much longer than cut flowers. You can choose to use the potted plants as favors for your guests or bring them home to embellish your garden after … Read More

Hand-Painted Backyard Charm Wedding

May 17, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

The Hand-Painted Backyard Charm wedding soaks in all the glorious comforts of a beautiful Spring or Summer day spent outdoors. Playing lawn games with your guests while the sound of chimes twinkle and mingle with the sounds of crickets and birds. Streaming ribbons and dangling string lights adorn the trees. The smell of flowers and … Read More

Hand-Painted Ikat Wedding

May 2, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

A hand-painted ikat wedding is feminine and fun. It is loose and cheerful. Perfect for a spring or summer wedding, but could easily translate into fall with a few color palette adjustments. I am in particularly in love with the gray ikat men’s tie and the pink ikat bridesmaid dress! They are a lovely mix … Read More

Cinderella Inspired Photo Shoot -Part 1

April 25, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

Once upon a time (aka a few months ago), I was fortunate to be asked to join a few other talented wedding professionals on a styled Modern Cinderella photo shoot. The chance to work with other talent on a purely creative photo shoot is one of the reasons I love this industry. There is such … Read More

Hand-Painted Romantic Lace Reception

February 15, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

Ombres, coral pinks, and unexpected dip-dyed elements decorate the Hand-Painted Romantic Lace Reception. Accenting with pale aquas and natural textures like burlap or kraft paper is a perfect way to make your wedding reception casual and soft, while keeping the natural elegance of pink and lace. I think that is my favorite bit about this … Read More

Hand-Painted Winter Frost Wedding Reception

February 7, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

The Winter Frost wedding reception is hand-painted with glittery silvers, delicate whites, and frosty blues. Pine cones, white taper candles, snow globes, and of course piles of white snow adorn the Winter Frost reception. Hot chocolate and mulled wine are cozy, festive options to add to your catering package. Consider having your Winter Frost reception … Read More

Hand-Painted Reception: Inspired by Oranges

December 11, 2012By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

I love the idea of having a winter wedding that has accents of refreshing oranges. It is so unexpected, yet completely seasonally appropriate. It really has a lighthearted sense to it also. I have seen a lot of pear-themed, apple-themed, and even lemon-themed weddings, but not really orange-themed weddings. I’m not sure why. An orange-themed … Read More

Winter Berry Reception

November 29, 2012By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

The Hand-Painted Winter Berry wedding is elegant in its rich red accents and rustic in its wooden textures. Red berries are a beautiful accent to any winter wedding detail. You can use them mixed in with a bouquet of flowers, or you can simply place the berry twigs in mason jars. Dried berry branches are … Read More

Hand-Painted Pumpkin Reception

October 28, 2012By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

This has been a busy week/weekend, but I didn’t want you to miss out on the Hand-Painted Pumpkin Reception ideas which completes Pumpkin week, so here is a rare Sunday night post. Whether white or orange, whether painted, decoupaged, or naked, pumpkins are a beautiful element to add to your festive fall wedding. They work … Read More