I have expanded the Tandem Bike theme into escort cards and table numbers. I am a big fan of the invitation design or theme expanding into the reception and/or ceremony decor. The invitation really sets the tone for the style and “feeling” of the wedding. Sometimes it is the only clue that guests have to help them decide what to wear to the wonderful event.

The Tandem Bike theme expresses the lively, unique, light-heartedness of the couple and their feelings toward their wedding celebration. This is important. Many couple think they need to have a serious and glamorous wedding (and invitation by extension) because that is what is common, but weddings are first and foremost celebrations. A joyful, playful theme really sets the tone for that feeling amongst the couple and their guests.

Tomorrow I will have a lot of additional super-fun reception ideas that I found around the web.

Tandem Bike wedding invitation now available in the Hand-Painted Weddings invitation shop.