Here are a few ideas I found around the web to inspire the couple who is considering the playful Tandem Bike theme at their wedding.


  1. Having a tandem bike at your reception is pretty much a requirement if you are going to go with the Tandem Bike theme. Especially for the opportunity to get photos like this one, by my wedding photographer and friends, Hoffer Photography. Another fun idea is to have the tandem bike as a prop in a photo booth at your wedding.
  2. Biking is for Lovers…love it! This shirt would be great for the bride to wear when she’s getting ready before putting on her gown.
  3. A charming necklace that would be lovely during or after the wedding in remembrance of the wedding.

This tandem bike wire figure is a bit too expensive for favors ($22 each), but would be more appropriate as wedding party gifts, or putting one on each reception table. I’m sure they would be quickly snatched at the end of the night by assertive guests!

A wonderful tandem bike send-off. The expression on the couple speaks for itself. The tandem bike wedding is sure to be a blast!

Tandem bike color palette

I hope you enjoyed Tandem Bike theme week as much as I did. Now go have a light-hearted, joyful weekend!

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