Today I am channelling serenity and tranquility by being inspired by lavender. As an aromatherapy herb, lavender is used to relieve stress, aid sleeping and support relaxation. If you would like to learn how to grow and harvest your own lavender, see here.

One of my savored uses of lavender oil is at yoga, which is one of my most relaxing hobbies/activities. During savasana (rest pose) at the end of a vigorous yoga session, one of my yoga teachers goes around the room and realigns shoulders and rubs our temples with lavender oil. If you are thinking, ew gross, then rest assured, because lavender oil has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties in it. It is such a lovely, restful way to end a yoga session.

Life has been really frantic for me lately, so this week I’m trying to focus on breathing and staying calm with my lavender candle burning by my side! Hope you are having a peaceful Tuesday!

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