Have you ever heard of the Japanese tradition of the Thousand origami cranes? Traditionally the father presents the bride and groom a string of a thousand origami cranes as a wedding gift. It is a representation of a thousand years of happiness and good luck.

For our wedding we decided to incorporate this lovely tradition into our wedding reception decor. While I doubt we made a thousand cranes (we never counted), my mom, sister, and I spent many nights in front of a movie making origami cranes. At first the task seemed daunting, but after making about a dozen, it became sort of therapeutic. While my father certainly didn’t touch the project, it meant more to me that my mom, sister and I folded the cranes, because I have fond memories of folding origami together growing up.

We still have a string of origami cranes from the wedding hanging by our window rod amongst our drapes in our living room. We also have a tangled mess of them in a basket in our closet. 🙂

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