There is some beautiful reception ideas for the Sunset theme! I originally had a mix of beach and seashell themed ideas for this post, but decided to scratch that and focus more on the sunsets, which happen everywhere, not just the beach!

Descriptions of the inspiration from top to bottom:

  • This wedding photo was taken of a couple enjoying a few wedding moments alone. This looks like such a special moment. It is vital to be mindfully present on your wedding day, and watching the sunset is a beautiful way to do that. It is impossible to see in this photo, but the bride is actually wearing a yellow dress! Click on the Sources link to see the full album.
  • Color palette idea for a Sunset-themed wedding. This palette would also look very nice without the purple.
  • I love the simplicity of these recycled glass lanterns for outdoor table settings, at cocktail hour or during the reception, or lining the aisle. It looks quite nice with the pieces of driftwood…texture, texture, texture!
  • A beautiful sunset-inspired briolette necklace that would be lovely as bridesmaid jewelry/gifts.
  • A photo I took at my cousin in-law’s wedding a month ago. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding on the water during sunset.
  • Have you ever been to a beach that has a bell that people ring when the sun sets? It is such a lovely memory I have! I think it would be very special (and unique) to have a bell hanging from a nearby tree that is rung just before the couple walks back up the aisle after they are pronounced husband and wife.
  • The colors that go along with a sunset-themed wedding is one of my favorite things about the theme! Look how bright and fun this cake is!
  • Beautiful coral bridesmaid dress.

Whether you love the sunset theme because of it symbolism of the passing of time, or if you have fond memories of watching the sunset together, it is sure to be a theme that cherishes one of nature’s splendors.

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