Truly a Painterly Touch – Modern Gallery Wedding

December 10, 2014By AllisonHand-Painted Weddings

You are in for a treat today! Today’s post starts to highlight some of the Hand-Painted Weddings stationery by yours truly! I had so much fun with designing this paper because a truly painterly touch was the perfect detail to bring together a modern art gallery wedding. I used long, loose brush strokes combined with … Read More

In the Studio: Calla Lily Invitation

September 13, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Invitations

The Hand-Painted Calla Lilly Invitation is the essence of purity and romance. In doing a little research I learned that the symbolism for calla lilies is rebirth and union….how appropriate for a wedding! Usually you see calla lilies around Easter time, and I believe a few brides out there are looking for their invitations for … Read More

Part 2: Julia and Dan’s Wedding

August 2, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

Part 2 of Julia and Dan’s beautiful wedding. It was so much fun “hand-painting” this wedding! One of my favorite parts of doing wedding reception paper is the challenge of designing a theme which transforms and grows as it flows from the invitation to the menu to the escort cards to the signs, etc. For … Read More

A Few Glimpses of Julia and Dan’s Wedding

August 1, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

As a stationer I often feel very connected with a couple during the planning and preparation phases of their special day, but often miss seeing how all the elements come together in the final masterpiece, also known as the wedding day! It is for this reason, I love being connected to the photographer of the … Read More

Wedding Paper is the Glue to the Wedding

July 29, 2013By AllisonMade my Day

I love my clients! I love hearing about the details they want incorporated into their wedding. Some people may think about wedding paper as one element to the wedding, but it is so much more. A great way to look at wedding paper is as the glue to the wedding. It really packages up the … Read More

Fourth of July Styled Shoot on 100 Layer Cake!

July 4, 2013By AllisonAnnouncements

What better way to celebrate the Fourth of July than to have a wedding! Well, a couple of months back I was lucky enough to be involved in Styled Shoot that was themed around the Fourth of July in the most appropriate place, the Independence Visitor Center in Philadelphia. The venue is right across the … Read More

Hand-Painted Water Ripples Wedding

June 13, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

The Hand-Painted Water Ripples Wedding is dramatic in its use of blue ombre (the varying of color from light to dark). This blue ombre theme is strong enough to stand on its own, but if a couple is getting married on the beach or on a boat, a subtle nautical theme can be easily added … Read More

Hand-Painted Water Ripples Invitation

June 12, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Invitations 1 Comment

Watercolor’s natural essence sings in the Water Ripples Invitation as the blue paint stretches and seeps through the painting. This invitation is inspired by light shining and sparkling off the sea. The idea originated from my love of the glistening water in the Venice Gondola painting I made a few months back…but much more zoomed … Read More

Hand-Painted Flower Vine Wedding

May 31, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

Yellow…the sunniest of colors! I’m always drawn to yellow flowers because they are just so cheerful! The Flower Vine wedding is a mix of sunny yellows and cheerful flowers with a hint of vintage charm. This year is the perfect year to have a Flower Vine wedding because decorative flower patterns are so in trend … Read More

Hand-Painted Flower Vine Invitation

May 29, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Invitations

The hand-painted Flower Vine invitation beautifully blurs the lines of the seasons. It would be a great invitation for a Spring, Summer or Autumn wedding. There is a certain warmth to this invitation, which is fitting for such an occasion as a wedding, being surrounded by loved ones. The vine paintings would translate wonderfully into … Read More

Hand-Painted Roots Wedding

May 24, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

This curated garden wedding features plants and flowers in their natural form. Using potted plants is a wonderful way to have a “green” wedding because the plants last much longer than cut flowers. You can choose to use the potted plants as favors for your guests or bring them home to embellish your garden after … Read More

Hand-Painted Roots Invitation

May 23, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Invitations

I have definitely been bit by the garden bug lately…figuratively speaking. Gardening is such a rewarding hobby. You plant seeds or seedlings, tend them, and watch them grow. Sometimes they make their way into a savory dish. Sometimes they make their way in a vase decorating your home. Sometimes they are so special that they … Read More

Hand-Painted Backyard Charm Wedding

May 17, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

The Hand-Painted Backyard Charm wedding soaks in all the glorious comforts of a beautiful Spring or Summer day spent outdoors. Playing lawn games with your guests while the sound of chimes twinkle and mingle with the sounds of crickets and birds. Streaming ribbons and dangling string lights adorn the trees. The smell of flowers and … Read More

Hand-Painted Backyard Charm Invitation

May 14, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Invitations

The air is getting warmer. The flowers are blooming. There are picnics and festivals and lounging in the park. There are outdoor concerts and camping trips. Oh yes, and it is wedding season! In the spirit of all these relaxing Spring/Summer activities, I created the Backyard Charm invitation which evokes the essence of casual, outdoor … Read More

In the Studio: Hand-Painted Ikat Invitation

May 1, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Invitations

Who doesn’t like this beautiful, loose ikat pattern that has been making appearances in apparel trends the last year or so? The ikat pattern derives from an old, traditional form of textile dyeing. You can read all about the history here. I have taken a soft, feminine approach to this often colorful pattern, by using … Read More

In the Studio: Cinderella Invitation

April 24, 2013By AllisonIn the Studio

Lately I have been on a “Once Upon A Time” kick. You know…the ABC tv series about all the fairytales that succumb a curse and are sent to the real world. I am loving this show; watching a few episodes daily! In the spirit of this show is this invitation I designed a few months … Read More

Hand-Painted Romantic Lace Reception

February 15, 2013By AllisonHand-Painted Reception

Ombres, coral pinks, and unexpected dip-dyed elements decorate the Hand-Painted Romantic Lace Reception. Accenting with pale aquas and natural textures like burlap or kraft paper is a perfect way to make your wedding reception casual and soft, while keeping the natural elegance of pink and lace. I think that is my favorite bit about this … Read More