In my opinion, the most important thing to remember on your wedding day is to be present to all the special moments. There are so many emotional moments on your wedding day that you will experience on that day only, so it is so important to put aside any of the worries or tiny details that may have taken over your mind leading up to your wedding, and to just be present and soak in the moments. It truly is the most important part. I can’t say it enough…and this is coming from someone who specializes in the details 🙂 This belief is rooted in my favorite question to ask couples after their wedding…

Allison: “Favorite moment at your wedding?”

Kara: “Definitely when my dad handed me off to my husband. It was such a special moment and you could just feel it. I have always been so close with my dad so the “giving away” moment was so special. Lots of memories flashing through my mind as it happened.”


Photos by Happy Endings Photo.