Today’s blog post discusses one of the main inspiration aspects I use as an artist for couple’s invitations. To avoid a spoiler alert, I will just go right into my question for the bride…

Allison: “How did your wedding invitations tie into the look of your wedding?”

Kara: “They were a direct reflection of the venue itself, which was so unique and special. I wanted to present something different to my guests that they hadn’t seen before. It was almost a preview of the night to come. Allowing my guests that “sneak peek” seemed to create a sense of growing anticipation.”

A couple’s wedding venue is usually the very first big wedding decision the couple will make together. The wedding venue usually says a lot about the couple’s tastes and interests, so it is a great way to incorporate these personal aspects into the wedding invitation. Using the wedding venue as the art on your custom wedding invitation also sets the scene for your guests and as Kara says creates “a sneak peek” of what to expect on their wedding day.

Kara and Taylor had a lot of beauty from their Stone Gardens Events wedding venue to choose from to feature on her wedding invitation. We decided to use the lake with the palm trees in the background from the first photo below as the feature for the invitation and the bridge with the curving ironwork as the artwork on the RSVP card. I love how the final invitation set was sunny and represented some of the unique beauty of their wedding venue.

San Diego wedding inspiration - Stone Gardens wedding