Why aren’t there more Thanksgiving cards? Why isn’t Thanksgiving as synonymous with cards as Christmas? It is a time to spread gratitude and love to the people in your life, just as Christmas cards spread cheer and joy to the people you love. Interesting, right?

Hey, I’m just as guilty about this. I did not create a Thanksgiving Day card this year. I am, however, creating at least one Christmas Card design. Maybe it is because the two holidays are so close to one another, and there are so many activities stuffed into this short time frame that people can’t imagine another task for their to-do list?

Above are a few of my favorite Thanksgiving Day cards I’ve seen this season. It is probably too late to purchase these fine cards from the companys’ online sites, but check out your local fancy paper store to see if they stock any of these beautiful cards.

Next year I’m definitely designing a Thanksgiving Day card!

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