Inspiration "Mind and Body" Board by Hand-Painted WeddingsInspiration comes from all sorts of sources. For me it comes in dreams, spontaneous thoughts, observations while living my life, a pattern on a beautiful dress, a beautiful photograph that connects with something deep inside that I can’t explain, etc. Inspiration is akin to breathing for me; it is necessary. It is love. It makes my heart patter and excites my mind.

This morning I woke in an inspiration frenzy and went to one of my go-to inspiration sources, Pinterest. What did we creatives ever do before Pinterest? I suppose we did physical inspiration bulletin boards, but as much as I have tried to create one of these, I usually shy away because I’m not crazy over clutter, which these boards can often border upon.

This week I thought I’d go through some of my recent inspiration (as seen through my Pinterest pins). Today we’ll start with one of my favorite boards I named “Mind and Body.” This board features images that connect very intimately to me. They often focus on simplicities in life. Sometimes they feature yoga poses I aspire to; sometimes it is an expression I’d like to keep in mind as I live my life. But they all have this certain sense of calm to them.

Sources (left to right, top to bottom): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8