Begonia invitation by Hand-Painted WeddingsBecause this is my first week after announcing Hand-Painted Weddings to all of my friends and family, I thought I extend my week of blogging and have a Saturday post!

This is the second half to the Colorful Leaves theme, the Begonia invitation. The Begonia invitation holds a special place in my heart because it is the painting that enlightened me to my love of watercolor. I adore the loose brushstrokes in the leaf and how the contrasting colors (red and green) mix with one another.

Bonus reception idea for the Begonia theme….give away potted Begonias as favors. You can even put them at each place setting so they will act as table decor as well as favors.

Have a great weekend friends!

Note: The Begonia Invitation is available for ordering under the Hand-Painted Weddings Shop Invitations tab.