Origami cranes are so versatile. They work beautifully in a romantic evening wedding as well as a whimsical daytime wedding. They can be placed amongst the centerpiece (seated birds). They can hang in strings above the ceremony space or spruce up the stage by the band (flying birds). You can also have them out as favors.

A little tip if you decide to hang your origami cranes on strings…get your hot glue gun out! Use a needlepoint and string the cranes. Then put a blob of hot glue on the places of the string where you want the cranes to sit. Voila! Make sure you have wax paper underneath where you are hot glueing. It is much faster than trying to tie knots under each crane. Also, don’t forget to have fun with your paper selection. There are limitless patterns to choose from!

I hope I have encouraged a few of you to consider including origami cranes to your wedding. It’s an easy-to-make, handmade element laced with the symbolism of prosperity and good fortune.

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Evening wedding (my wedding). Photography by Hoffer Photography

Daytime wedding via Green Wedding Shoes.