Butterfly Favor tags. Butterfly gift tags by Hand-Painted WeddingsFavor post curated by Hand-Painted WeddingsFavor post curated by Hand-Painted Weddings Favor post curated by Hand-Painted Weddings

The Butterfly Favor Tags are the perfect addition to nature inspired favors. The tags get customized with the couple’s names and wedding day. The Butterfly wedding theme is perfect for the DIY bride who could choose to make favors of mini potted plants or vases with flowers. The mini potted plant favor is a very “green” and eco friendly idea. I also really like the idea of giving guests a succulent or air plant in a terrarium for their favor, as these are easy plants to take care of, and last much longer than cut flowers. Placed on a windowsill by direct light, this favor is sure to bring a smile to your friends and family’s faces for a long time to come.

Also, as I researched unique favors to share with you I found a cute edible favor …no bake cake potted flowers. I know most guests appreciate edible favors because they had just been dancing and celebrating and enjoy a snack as they head home for the night. This is a great way to keep a nature-inspired butterfly theme. It also reminds me of all those fond memories when I was a kid eating the ever clever dirt and worms. I also think butterflies would be a nice touch to the flowers in the mini cake pots, in order to bring the theme more into the Butterfly Wedding.

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Butterfly Invitation is now available in the Hand-Painted Weddings Invitation shop. Butterfly Favor Tags in Favor Tags shop.