Watercolor Church Wedding Invitation by Hand-Painted Weddings. Photos by Predestined in Love.

Not sure where to look for inspiration for your wedding invitations? Yes, you can look on Pinterest. Yes, you can create a theme such as an Alice in Wonderland wedding theme or Back to School theme. Or, you can use your ceremony and reception location as the artwork for your wedding invitations. This is a great way to not only share a glimpse of what your guests will see come your wedding day, but it will also showcase one of the biggest wedding style decisions you have made….your wedding venue.

Maria and Licinio had a beautiful winter wedding in North Jersey. The bride decided to work with me on creating a separate ceremony and reception card (in English and Portuguese), each showcasing the beautiful wedding venues the couple was getting married in.

When I asked Maria “How did your wedding invitations tie into the look of your wedding?”, she responded “The invitations illustrated our church wedding and reception location perfectly.  Our family and friends  are still talking about how everything tied in together perfectly.”

Maria and I decided to showcase the wedding venues front and center in the designs and then surround them with paintings of the lush, romantic flowers they had planned for the bouquets and floral arrangements. This added a gorgeous pop of color to the invitations for this winter wedding. To learn more about Custom Wedding Invitations, click here.

Today on the blog, I am sharing the ceremony card along with some photos by Predestined in Love of their stunning ceremony. Tomorrow I will be sharing the reception card along with reception photos of the happy couple.
new_york_wedding_ceremonynew_york_wedding_ceremony_1new_york_wedding_ceremony_2new_york_wedding_ceremony_3Wedding ceremony location: Our Lady of Fatima Church  |  Photographer: Predestined in Love  |  Wedding invitations: Hand-Painted Weddings