I’m always inspired by Anthropologie. Dream job…work at the Anthropologie home office….or Anthropologie’s sister, BHLDN.

The November catalog has been hanging out on my dining room table for a couple of weeks now. It is very hard for me to get rid of Anthro catalogs…they are just so pretty!

What sparks my interest about this particular catalog are the fanciful elements that were sprinkled throughout the catalog, from a large apple to rabbits to a fox to a somewhat creepy kid with a rabbit mask (you’ll have to go through the online edition to see that). It is a totally unexpected and completely fascinating theme.

I also love the models teased, crazy hair. I mean who doesn’t feel like their hair is like this when they remove a winter hat after a long day outside in the snow? But Anthro makes the hair look so sexy!

The other element I love about this catalog are the handmade pieces. The paper trees interspersed with the pencil script writing. They are the perfect accents to this beautiful fantasy.