I have fallen in love with periscope and bridal fashion this past weekend while watching Bridal Fashion week runway shows in NYC. I’ve only joined periscope in the last couple of months and I know a lot of you haven’t joined yet…let me just say…do it! Watching these runway shows as they were happening through periscope has been such a treat!

I think I watched about 20 fashion shows, and while I’m not an expert in fashion by any means, I loved the artistic expressions and the creativity flowing through the fashion shows. I can’t wait to see some real brides wearing these fashionable dresses!

There were a few trends that I thought would be fun to highlight (see below).

The first one is cap sleeves! I happen to think cap sleeves look amazing on most women and they are so delicate and feminine. Another little trend here is that the dresses were very lightly lined so you could see the model’s legs through the dress. This lightly lined look allowed the intricacies of the lace and beadwork to shine through.

Another trend I noticed was the plunging neckline. My friend just bought her plunging neckline dress this past summer from BHLDN and I was sure to tell her that her style is very fashion forward, because there were a lot of versions of the plunging neckline.

It’s all about the backs. When the models came down the aisle I could not wait until they turned around and I could see the backs of their dresses, because there were so many interesting backs to these dresses. Really, I could do an entire blog post featuring the backs of dresses.


The Berta Bridal runway show blew me away! One of the other trends I had noticed were these (I believe they are detachable) trains. What a fun way to separate the ceremony dress from the reception dress, and an easy way to avoid bustling.

Illusion wear was big! So sexy, yet ethereal, with lace trailing throughout the body, illusion wear was maybe the biggest trend I saw on the runway.

Another fun thing I saw was headwear. I do not know how realistic it is that brides will be wearing some of the very loud headpieces that were on the runway (I mean some had antlers), but I’m excited to see where artists take this trend and make it a reality for everyday brides.

Capes were seen throughout the runway shows as alternatives to veils.

And one of my favorite trends…sleeves. Delicate lace sleeves were all over the runway. I cannot wait to see more everyday brides going for sleeves on their gowns!

Super inspired by the artists who orchestrated these shows as well as the artists behind each one of these dresses. I saw a lot of unique fashion but also a lot of ready-to-wear fashion. It was truly a beautiful sight!