Lighthouse Thumbprint Guest Print by Hand-Painted WeddingsI listen to a series of guided meditations on my phone from time to time to get centered. Most of them guide me to picture myself in a calm, relaxed location. I usually find peace in the woods. I find myself drawn to the trees and the mountains with leaves crutching under my feet, or sitting on a sweeping porch of a cabin watching the sunrise.

But lately, I have found that when asked to go to my place of peace, I have picked the beach instead of the woods. I hear the clapping of soft waves and the vast sky above with sand in between my toes.

I haven’t made it to the beach yet this season, but I’m ready! Today and tomorrow I am sharing with you TWO beach-themed thumbprint guest prints.

Today’s thumbprint guestbook features this beautiful lighthouse and a row of detailed rocks. If you zoom in you will see a fun old-fashioned plane and an egret (the bird) perched on one of the rocks in the foreground.

The thumbprints that your guests add to this guestbook can act as cobblestones or if you choose a tan or silvery ink pad, they can act as footprints in the sand. Both are beautiful! This would be a great addition to your beach-themed wedding!

The Lighthouse Thumbprint Guestbook is available in the Hand-Painted Weddings Thumbprint Guestbook shop.