This fall wedding was dreamy in every way imaginable. The bride was one of the sweetest, most appreciating people I have ever had the fortune to work with. And she was also one of the most creative brides I worked with. Christina wanted a bold, unique wedding and I was over the moon that I was creating her wedding invitations, wedding day paper and gifts for her.

When we first started gathering inspiration for her invitations, she gave me all sorts of beautiful snippets she had planned for her big day such as her stunning wedding gown, unique bouquet, along with photos of the church she was getting married in. This process is so helpful for me because it gives me a full picture of the day and I love to incorporate pieces from the big day into the paper if it seems fitting.

During the inspiration phase, Christina also mentioned her overall taste. She likes bold designs, no florals, and maybe something inspired by the water since it’s a Virginia Beach wedding, but not too beachy, because it is a late Fall wedding. Oh, and I love Lilly Pulitzer, if that helps. Ding, ding, ding! That little inspiration token became the inspiration for her entire wedding paper designs.

I love doing research. It goes back to my days at college where research would set my designs apart from the class. So, I started researching Lilly Pulitzer‘s patterns and quickly learned that this style was completely in line with my painting style and this would be one of the most stunning invitations I’ve ever created.

I created a water inspired, Lilly Pulitzer inspired pattern with the bride’s colors for the day, magenta, navy and gold, and I love how it came out.

In addition, I painted an abstract painting of the church the couple was getting married in for the ceremony program cover, and the couple loved it so much, that they hired me to recreate it larger as a gift for the pastor that was marrying them.

I hope you have enjoyed hearing my journey working with this lovely couple on their watercolor wedding stationery as well as seen a glimpse of their big day.

If you have any questions on working with me to create your very own custom watercolor wedding invitations, learn more here.

Photos by: Serena Genovese Photography