Inspired by Bridal Fashion week runway shows

October 12, 2015By AllisonInspired by

I have fallen in love with periscope and bridal fashion this past weekend while watching Bridal Fashion week runway shows in NYC. I’ve only joined periscope in the last couple of months and I know a lot of you haven’t joined yet…let me just say…do it! Watching these runway shows as they were happening through periscope has been such a treat!

I think I watched about 20 fashion shows, and while I’m not an expert in fashion by any means, I loved the artistic expressions and the creativity flowing through the fashion shows. I can’t wait to see some real brides wearing these fashionable dresses!

There were a few trends that I thought would be fun to highlight (see below).

The first one is cap sleeves! I happen to think cap sleeves look amazing on most women and they are so delicate and feminine. Another little trend here is that the dresses were very lightly lined so you could see the model’s legs through the dress. This lightly lined look allowed the intricacies of the lace and beadwork to shine through.

Another trend I noticed was the plunging neckline. My friend just bought her plunging neckline dress this past summer from BHLDN and I was sure to tell her that her style is very fashion forward, because there were a lot of versions of the plunging neckline.

It’s all about the backs. When the models came down the aisle I could not wait until they turned around and I could see the backs of their dresses, because there were so many interesting backs to these dresses. Really, I could do an entire blog post featuring the backs of dresses.

We're having a gorgeous time at @theknot #Couture Show! #allurebridals #bridalfashionweek #breastcancerawareness

A photo posted by Allure Bridals (@allurebridals) on

The Berta Bridal runway show blew me away! One of the other trends I had noticed were these (I believe they are detachable) trains. What a fun way to separate the ceremony dress from the reception dress, and an easy way to avoid bustling.

Illusion wear was big! So sexy, yet ethereal, with lace trailing throughout the body, illusion wear was maybe the biggest trend I saw on the runway.

Another fun thing I saw was headwear. I do not know how realistic it is that brides will be wearing some of the very loud headpieces that were on the runway (I mean some had antlers), but I’m excited to see where artists take this trend and make it a reality for everyday brides.

Capes were seen throughout the runway shows as alternatives to veils.

A delicate cape by @eliesaabworld. #oncewedstyle #weddingdress #bridalgown

A photo posted by Once Wed (@oncewed) on

And one of my favorite trends…sleeves. Delicate lace sleeves were all over the runway. I cannot wait to see more everyday brides going for sleeves on their gowns!

BERTA SS 2016 Runway Show grand finale. Cinematography by @bowenfilms crown by @mariaelenaheadpieces

A video posted by BERTA (@bertabridal) on

Super inspired by the artists who orchestrated these shows as well as the artists behind each one of these dresses. I saw a lot of unique fashion but also a lot of ready-to-wear fashion. It was truly a beautiful sight!

Flashback Friday in celebration of Fourth of July

July 3, 2015By AllisonInspired by

Fourth of July Wedding posted on Hand-Painted Weddings Fourth of July Wedding posted on Hand-Painted Weddings Fourth of July Wedding posted on Hand-Painted WeddingsToday I’m reminiscing and sharing a few photos of the Fourth of July wedding styled shoot that a group of us Philly wedding vendors collaborated on more than a year ago! This styled wedding took place at the Independence Visitor Center in Philadelphia. The first photo took place with the National Constitution Center in the background. Philly is all a buzz this long weekend celebrating Independence Day!

I wish everyone a Happy Independence Day! Enjoy your friends and family on this long weekend.

July Fourth Invitation is now available in the Hand-Painted Weddings Invitation shop.

Photos by Lindsay Docherty Photography. Paper by Hand-Painted Weddings. Planning by Truly You Events. Event styling by Campbell Studios and Mellow Yellow Creative. Make-up by Cheekadee. Hair by Hair by Meghan. Venue: Independence Visitor Center. Models: Emily Cai and Christopher Rex Stone


Literature Themed Wedding

July 2, 2015By AllisonInspired by

Literature Wedding Inspiration curated by Hand-Painted Weddings Literature Wedding Inspiration curated by Hand-Painted Weddings Literature Wedding Inspiration curated by Hand-Painted Weddings

A literature themed wedding has touches of antique and looks lovely amongst a rustic or historic wedding venue. In general a rustic wedding exudes a casual vibe to it and an antique, historic wedding exudes a more refined vibe, but don’t feel limited to pick just one look. Use your wedding venue as a guide and feel free to mix and match different elements from a rustic and antique literature theme. The books can be the glue that holds the look together.

Be sure to shop at flea markets, antique stores and yard sales to collect your classic hard-bound novels to possibly read and use in your decor. I personally love the look of really old books…you know, the type that is so worn that the pages have yellowed and the spine has signs of wear. There has also been a trend in the redesigns of classic novel covers which would be a really fun way to make the antique literature theme more modern and unique. Loose bouquets with lots of texture look lovely with this look. Also antique gold pieces like picture frames, antique keys, and gold rimmed glasses and chargers work really well with this theme.

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Literature Invitation is now available in the Hand-Painted Weddings Invitation shop.


Rainbow-inspired LGBT Pride wedding

June 25, 2015By AllisonHand-Painted Weddings, Inspired by

Gay Pride Rainbow Wedding curated by Hand-Painted Weddings Gay Pride Rainbow Wedding invitation by Hand-Painted Weddings Gay Pride Rainbow Wedding curated by Hand-Painted Weddings Gay Pride Rainbow Wedding curated by Hand-Painted Weddings Gay Pride Rainbow Wedding curated by Hand-Painted Weddings Gay Pride Rainbow Wedding curated by Hand-Painted Weddings

Rainbow-inspired LGBT Pride wedding is super fun and joyful! I love that a couple can go all out and incorporate many rainbow ideas into a wedding, or they can pick a bright color (or white) as their dominant color and then add rainbow accents such as a rainbow cake or cascading rainbow flower centerpieces. A white wedding with rainbow accents would be stunning!

This rainbow-inspired LGBT Pride wedding style is perfect for the same-sex couple that is looking for a lighthearted, happy wedding…the kind where the brides (or grooms) are wearing colorful Converse shoes as in the first inspiration photo above.

I also love the rainbow cakes I have been seeing…they vary from a colorful rainbow candy coated cake masterpiece to a white cake with rainbow cake layers inside as a surprise!

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Pride Invitation is now available in the Hand-Painted Weddings Invitation shop.

Damask Ombre Wedding Inspiration

May 28, 2015By AllisonHand-Painted Weddings, Inspired by

Damask and Ombre wedding curated by Hand-Painted Weddings Damask and Ombre wedding posted on Hand-Painted Weddings Damask and Ombre wedding posted on Hand-Painted Weddings Damask and Ombre wedding posted on Hand-Painted WeddingsDamask and Ombre wedding posted on Hand-Painted Weddings Damask and Ombre wedding posted on Hand-Painted WeddingsThe Damask Ombre wedding brings together two unique trends, the bold, high contrast damask pattern and the soft painterly ombre effect. I like finding balance between opposites, and the strong edges of the damask and the soft painterly effect of the ombre really allows for this interesting look.

One idea to incorporate the Damask Ombre look into your wedding is to have your cake design paint a damask pattern on top of a watercolor, ombre painted cake.

Another idea is to use blue and torquoise uplighting around your reception and using damask table linens. I can’t say enough good things about investing in lighting for your reception location, if it is an indoor location. For the money, uplighting makes such an impact for the entire environment (and for your photos) that a centerpiece really can’t beat.

For my wedding which was mostly DIY, my mom and I worked together to sew damask clutches for the bridesmaids. I still see my dear friends using the clutches at our friends’ weddings….it is really fun to see how versatile the damask look is. Also, there are a lot of artists on Etsy who have damask clutches in their shops.

I encourage you to consider this unique take on two wedding design trends, by colliding them together and finding a balance between the two. The Damask Ombre wedding is formal yet dreamy, bold yet soft, and for sure, lovely.

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Damask Invitation is now available in the Hand-Painted Weddings Invitation shop.

Butterfly Favor Tags

May 21, 2015By AllisonHand-Painted Weddings, Inspired by

Butterfly Favor tags. Butterfly gift tags by Hand-Painted WeddingsFavor post curated by Hand-Painted WeddingsFavor post curated by Hand-Painted Weddings Favor post curated by Hand-Painted Weddings

The Butterfly Favor Tags are the perfect addition to nature inspired favors. The tags get customized with the couple’s names and wedding day. The Butterfly wedding theme is perfect for the DIY bride who could choose to make favors of mini potted plants or vases with flowers. The mini potted plant favor is a very “green” and eco friendly idea. I also really like the idea of giving guests a succulent or air plant in a terrarium for their favor, as these are easy plants to take care of, and last much longer than cut flowers. Placed on a windowsill by direct light, this favor is sure to bring a smile to your friends and family’s faces for a long time to come.

Also, as I researched unique favors to share with you I found a cute edible favor …no bake cake potted flowers. I know most guests appreciate edible favors because they had just been dancing and celebrating and enjoy a snack as they head home for the night. This is a great way to keep a nature-inspired butterfly theme. It also reminds me of all those fond memories when I was a kid eating the ever clever dirt and worms. I also think butterflies would be a nice touch to the flowers in the mini cake pots, in order to bring the theme more into the Butterfly Wedding.

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Butterfly Invitation is now available in the Hand-Painted Weddings Invitation shop. Butterfly Favor Tags in Favor Tags shop.

Butterfly Wedding inspiration

May 20, 2015By AllisonInspired by

Butterfly wedding inspiration curated by Hand-Painted WeddingsButterfly wedding invitation by Hand-Painted WeddingsButterflies can easily be incorporated into almost every details of your wedding, or it can just be an accent scattered amongst a few wedding details. They are very versatile and easy to shop for on Etsy. A lot of inspiration on the web for butterfly weddings conjures up a bit of a children’s birthday party look, so be careful when styling your wedding with butterflies.

From my research, it looks like there are two strong directions you can go with your butterfly wedding. You can either go with the DIY look and have brightly colored, whimsical, hand cut paper butterflies as seen in the top image (above).

The second direction is to go realistic with your butterfly accents and go with earth toned or bright colored butterflies. I always think about butterflies as a summer detail, but was happy to find some really beautiful fall inspiration with accents of butterflies. The warm coloring of many butterflies lends itself to a fall wedding color palette.

Sources (Top to bottom; Left to right): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Butterfly Invitation is now available in the Hand-Painted Weddings Invitation shop.

Butterfly wedding inspiration curated by Hand-Painted WeddingsButterfly wedding inspiration curated by Hand-Painted WeddingsButterfly wedding inspiration curated by Hand-Painted Weddings

Vintage Purple Feather Inspiration

May 14, 2015By AllisonInspired by

Vintage Purple Feather Wedding inspiration board curated by Hand-Painted Weddings Vintage Purple Feather Wedding inspiration board curated by Hand-Painted Weddings Vintage Purple Feather Wedding inspiration board curated by Hand-Painted Weddings Vintage Purple Feather Wedding inspiration board curated by Hand-Painted WeddingsI’m excited to share with you this pretty, soft purple wedding inspiration board with touches of vintage glamour inspired by the Vintage Purple Feather Invitation by Hand-Painted Weddings.

What is so unique about this inspiration board is its soft take on the vintage Art Deco theme. Oftentimes this vintage wedding theme’s sister theme, “the Great Gatsby wedding” is full of high contrasted white and black combinations with geometric Art Deco patterns and strong edges. This inspiration is very different than that aesthetic. It is feminine and whimsical and flows with the grace inspired by the delicate ostrich feathers. A neutral palette along with a heavy amount of lilac or lavender details also set this vintage wedding inspiration apart. I love how the wisteria (photo top right) and the purple feathers work together in this wedding inspiration board.

Soft feathers are so easy to intermingle into the design elements of your wedding. They look lovely in hair fascinators, as accents in a belt or band, and as accents on a small purse or clutch. They bring a unique touch to centerpieces and bouquets amongst flowers as well as a cake topper.

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Purple Feather Invitation is now available in the Hand-Painted Weddings Invitation shop.

Inspiration for the Week: Intensely Conscious

July 15, 2013By AllisonInspired by

Intensely Conscious by Hand-Painted WeddingsI’m starting this week feeling a bit overwhelmed. You know….when your to-do list seems to just keep getting longer and longer, and takes over your sanity.

So, to combat this state of overwhelm, I created this inspirational print as a helpful reminder to live in the present moment (not my future to-do’s). I can be quite intense, so being intensely conscious meshes well with me. But then I have to remember to enjoy the beautiful moments in life, so that is why the end of the quote says “let it go, and soak it in.” Because life is quite amazing; don’t let it pass you by while you are checking off things from your to-do list.

Happy Monday.

Intensely Conscious by Hand-Painted Weddings. I took this photo in the gardens of a castle in Budapest.

Inspired by Watercolor Patterns

May 20, 2013By AllisonInspired by

Watercolor Pattern Inspiration curated by Hand-Painted WeddingsThere are so many inspiring watercolor artists out there. I think this is why my Watercolor board on Pinterest has a whopping 524 pins and counting. Today I want to feature a few watercolor pattern artists I admire. Pattern designers create artwork that makes its way into textile designs. Fashion is art, but when you have a watercolor pattern decorating your dress, handbag, jeans, or top….well, then you just pumped up the art factor!

What I love so much about watercolor patterns is that the spacing within the pattern isn’t identical. As with all watercolor art, there is an organic nature to watercolor patterns that lead to its beauty.

Be sure to follow my Watercolor Pinterest board for more inspiring watercolor patterns.

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Inspired by Hand-Written Lettering

April 17, 2013By AllisonInspired by

Inspiration - Hand-Written Lettering curated by Hand-Painted WeddingsI have been smitten by hand-written lettering for awhile now, whether chalkboard lettering, calligraphy, or painted. I’m especially inspired when I see beautiful calligraphy and hand-written lettering in unexpected places, such as this carved wooden cake topper, in signage, or as wrapping decoration.

Lately I have been practicing my hand at calligraphy, which I can’t wait to share with you soon! When I was cooped up in bed with my broken leg I found myself watching calligraphy YouTube videos. I found them soothing and so elegant. I ordered some supplies online and got started practicing once I was able to comfortably sit at my desk.

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Where Does Inspiration Come From?

April 15, 2013By AllisonInspired by

Inspiration "Mind and Body" Board by Hand-Painted WeddingsInspiration comes from all sorts of sources. For me it comes in dreams, spontaneous thoughts, observations while living my life, a pattern on a beautiful dress, a beautiful photograph that connects with something deep inside that I can’t explain, etc. Inspiration is akin to breathing for me; it is necessary. It is love. It makes my heart patter and excites my mind.

This morning I woke in an inspiration frenzy and went to one of my go-to inspiration sources, Pinterest. What did we creatives ever do before Pinterest? I suppose we did physical inspiration bulletin boards, but as much as I have tried to create one of these, I usually shy away because I’m not crazy over clutter, which these boards can often border upon.

This week I thought I’d go through some of my recent inspiration (as seen through my Pinterest pins). Today we’ll start with one of my favorite boards I named “Mind and Body.” This board features images that connect very intimately to me. They often focus on simplicities in life. Sometimes they feature yoga poses I aspire to; sometimes it is an expression I’d like to keep in mind as I live my life. But they all have this certain sense of calm to them.

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Spring is Hatching

March 11, 2013By AllisonInspired by

Easter inspiration curated by Hand-Painted WeddingsWhat beautiful weather we just had in Philadelphia this past weekend! Open windows, crisp (dare I say, warm) air flooding into people’s homes for maybe the first time this year.

Oh, and the flowers! While not blooming so much outside yet, definitely blooming inside stores. Flowers seem to be on everyone’s minds lately as people crave the approaching Spring season.

Another holiday is around the corner as well, for those celebrating Easter! Above is some beautiful inspiration for your Spring or Easter tablescape, or even your Spring wedding, all captured at Terrain.

Inspired by John Lovett’s New Book

March 1, 2013By AllisonInspired by

Reading Watercolor book - Hand-Painted Weddings

Reading Watercolor book - Hand-Painted WeddingsWhen I saw that John Lovett, a super-talented watercolor artist from Australia, came out with a book, I just knew I had to get my hands on it! It doesn’t disappoint. I can’t wait to play around with his styles and techniques and bring them into my work. Loads of inspiration flying from this book already and I only received it this week!

If you want to buy the book yourself or view a video that flips through the pages of this book, go here.


Inspired by hand-painted wedding cookies

February 27, 2013By AllisonInspired by

bauhaus-4-cake-mac_detailbotanical-4-cake-mac_detailIf you can believe it…these are cookies! Hand-painted wedding cookies to be specific! They were created by Maggie Austin LaBaugh, a very talented cake artist! Her cakes also have a very painterly quality to them, so you will have to check out her work in her portfolio!

These cookies are modern pieces of art. They would be gorgeous as wedding favors for any modern wedding, but particularly appropriate for a reception that takes place in an art gallery. I could definitely see an entire wedding theme, including wedding invitations, being inspired by these cookies. Just gorgeous!

Source: Colin Cowie Weddings 1, 2

Photo booth Love

February 1, 2013By AllisonInspired by

Photo booth Love by Hand-Painted Weddings

February…the month of love! I’m going to start off the month expressing how much I love photo booths at weddings! My husband and I have been to two weddings with photo booths. One had the traditional booth where you are squeezed in a tight booth (and the photos come out on a strip). The other was the more modern approach to photobooths, where there really isn’t a booth, but a curtain or backdrop set-up and a photographer capturing the fun. I prefer the former probably because my goofiness happens behind a curtain rather than out in front of everyone, but both are super fun!

I just received the photo on the right in a thank you card from the bride and groom…now, that was a great idea! Both photos are displayed prominently on our refrigerator.

Here is more inspiration for your photobooth:

– Collection of photo booth inspiration on Lovely

– Floating frame for an outdoor wedding photo booth via StyleMePretty

– Tons of photo booth inspiration on Emmaline Bride

I hope you consider looking into adding this super fun trend to your wedding!

Hand-Painted Reception: Inspired by Lemons

January 3, 2013By AllisonInspired by

Inspired by Lemons board curated by Hand-Painted Weddings

Inspired by Lemons board curated by Hand-Painted WeddingsInspired by Lemons board curated by Hand-Painted WeddingsStill inspired by the unique fruit I found at the grocery story, Buddha’s hand, I’ve decided to create a bright and fresh lemon yellow invitation. The inspiration for a lemon yellow wedding is a breath of fresh (warm) air during this super cold day in Pennsylvania. It is making me yearn for summer and a tall glass of lemonade.

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Lemon Invitation is now available in the Hand-Painted Weddings Invitation shop.

Inspired by Satsuma Oranges

December 10, 2012By AllisonInspired by

A few years ago when I was staying with my friend Melissa’s family in Rome, they used to bring out a bowl of these beautiful little satsuma oranges at the end of the meal for dessert. I love that these oranges were a refreshing, little delight after a meal.

Again, when I visited my brother Brian who studied abroad in Milan last year, I remember he used to have little oranges in his pockets as snacks.

Needless to say, when I think of little oranges, I think of Italy, which always brings pleasant thoughts!

Just as I adore apples with their stems and leaves still attached, so do I also adore these satsuma oranges with their leaves attached. They are so beautiful to paint…the bright oranges contrasting with the vibrant, verdant greens…mmm!

Orange Invitation is now available in the Hand-Painted Weddings Invitation shop.

Thanksgiving Day Cards

November 19, 2012By AllisonInspired by

Why aren’t there more Thanksgiving cards? Why isn’t Thanksgiving as synonymous with cards as Christmas? It is a time to spread gratitude and love to the people in your life, just as Christmas cards spread cheer and joy to the people you love. Interesting, right?

Hey, I’m just as guilty about this. I did not create a Thanksgiving Day card this year. I am, however, creating at least one Christmas Card design. Maybe it is because the two holidays are so close to one another, and there are so many activities stuffed into this short time frame that people can’t imagine another task for their to-do list?

Above are a few of my favorite Thanksgiving Day cards I’ve seen this season. It is probably too late to purchase these fine cards from the companys’ online sites, but check out your local fancy paper store to see if they stock any of these beautiful cards.

Next year I’m definitely designing a Thanksgiving Day card!

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